The Kitzhaber – Obama Connection

What are we to think when Oregon’s democrat Governor acts strangely and is being asked by top elected officials in Oregon (all democrats) to resign, while the Nation’s President lays down a consistent trail of acts and decisions that are repeatedly inconsistent with the duties of his office, yet no one in either party or the media, even suggests he should resign?

While Governor Kitzhaber who resigned on Friday, faces ethical questions and possible criminal charges, nary a word is heard – from anyone – suggesting Barack Obama should do the same, though he ignores and willfully evades and violates Constitutional restrictions on his office despite his oath, and fails to heed the advice and counsel of his military advisers as well as our elected congressional leaders.

Is there not a double moral and ethical standard here, and an apparent belief amongst members of both parties and the media that this President is above the law?

The president’s recent antics with “selfies” in the White House the same day the announcement was made that Kayla Mueller, a young American woman providing aid in Syria, was murdered by ISIS; and his preoccupation with fund raising, golf, and interviews with pop culture personalities when serious domestic and foreign matters require his attention, should more than alarm us.

His continued indifference to the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS and Islamic dictatorships against Christians (ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christians in Libya over the weekend) and other religious minorities in Iraq, and elsewhere in the Middle East as well as his unwillingness to call these barbaric acts “Islamic Extremism” all bespeak of a president who fails to understand the importance to Americans, and nations around the world, of strong moral leadership.

(To understand the significance of this indifference, read The Edge Of Extinction Report on the Eradication of Religious and Ethnic Minorities in Iraq, and ask yourself whether a President who suggests there is moral equivalence between ISIS and Christian defense of Jerusalem seven centuries ago, deserves a pass over matters of this magnitude.)

His unilateral, naive, and ill advised decision to negotiate with Iran, a nation that is committed to the extinction of Israel and Christianity; his unwillingness to help the Ukrainian government defend their people and borders from unwarranted military attacks by Russia, and his unwillingness to defend America from a position of strength, or embrace a strategic approach to a world that is increasingly unstable, have the appearance of being more than the byproducts of a deluded view of America, ignorance of the sinful nature of man, the holiness of God, and his own inflated view of himself.

The extraordinary failures of this president – in a nation and world desperately needful of strong moral leadership grounded in “the eternal rules of order and right” – are far more troublesome than a state Governor driven from office by the media and his own party, presumably over his ethical failures.