Getting Your Church Fully Registered – and Voting!

The Internal Revenue Service has specifically stated that “activities intended to encourage people to participate in the election process, such as voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, would not be prohibited political campaign activity if conducted in a nonpartisan manner.”


1. Review the Do’s and Don’ts page on this site.

2. Pastors, staff, board members or volunteers can go to Oregon Family Council to place an order for their excellent Oregon Christian Voter Guide for members of their church family, and for all states.

3. Determine the Voter Registration Deadline for your state.

4. Collect Voter Registration Cards from your county elections division.

5. Call your congregation in early September to fulfill their citizenship responsibility to VOTE in the November 3rd General Election. Announce the Operation Oregon 2018 Project, and stress the importance of America as a self governing nation. Emphasize the importance of the Christian Vote and our goal that every voter eligible adult be a voting citizen. Use the resources found at this site as seems best to you.

6. Place announcements in the Church bulletin in early September to prepare your members for the non-partisan Voter Registration Drive using relevant quotes, scripture and other helpful information found on this site. Cf. Bulletin Inserts.

7. Hold the pre-announced non-partisan Voter Registration Drive three consecutive Sundays from September 9th to October 21st. . Call for 100% registration, each Sunday. Let your congregation know that there are over 250,000 eligible-to-vote Evangelical and Born Again Christians in Oregon who are not registered to Vote, and over 280,000 who were registered but did not vote in the 2018 Oregon Primary.

8. Place voter registration table(s) in the foyer of the church with voter registration cards. Call attention to the table(s) and registration deadline each Sunday from the pulpit. Assign a couple or group to be at the table(s) before and after each service to answer questions and draw attention to copies of ‘Major Political Party Platform Differences’ if some are not sure which Party they would like to represent their views. Make several copies for the Voter Registration tables.

9. Have voter registration cards at the church office from the time of the first announcement. Collect the signed cards either at the sign up tables on Sunday, or at the church office during the week and offer to take the cards to the county elections division as a service to your members.

10. Using the Scriptures and Quotes found on this Restore America site, emphasize the importance of self government, to the church, your community, and the future of the nation using the Scriptures and Quotes. You might refer them to Galatians 5, emphasizing that one of the gifts of the Spirit is self control/self government. You may wish to use/revolve several of the PowerPoint slides found at this site prior to the service(s) from Sunday to Sunday whether they vote absentee, mail in their ballots, or use drop boxes.

11. Place Christian Voter Guides in the foyer of the church and at the church office as soon as they are received and call attention to their availability from the pulpit and in the church bulletin. Encourage your congregation to take them home, and review them before they fill out their ballots, whether they vote absentee or mail in their ballots.

12. Call for 100% participation in the Election from the pulpit and in the bulletin— for at least two Sundays prior to the Election on November 3rd.