The Trouble With Trayvon

The Trayvon Martin case was not about racism. All the facts were clearly demonstrated in the trial of the accused, the jury’s decision, and supported by both FBI and Department of Justice inquiries. It was made into a ‘race’ issue when the media, and the likes of those who have mastered the art of lining their own pockets at the expense of others, sought to make it a ‘race’ issue.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and those like them who play the race card to get media attention for their own purposes, have done more to inflame the dying embers of racism in America at the expense of black Americans than any number of Zimmermans.

Their rants and injection into every possible human tragedy involving black and white Americans serves only to re-ignite resentments and grievances that most Americans, be they black or white, wish to be forgotten in favor of working together to solve the problems that exist amongst all Americans regardless of skin color.

The Jacksons and Sharptons who have cultivated the sin of resentment betray their own people in the eyes of white America. They take on the image and likeness of the proverbial ‘ambulance chasers’ out to make a buck on whatever seems to benefit them.

Last but not least, when our President holds a press conference to inject his own feelings and observations into the issue, but says nothing to address the tragic and out of control black on black shootings in Chicago, nor laments the loss of those families,  and nothing about the breakdown of the black family or it’s cause, he decreases his credibility as the nation’s leader.

After refusing to call the massacre of Fort Hood soldiers a terrorist act, calling it ‘workplace violence’ instead, sealing the records of the Jihadist shooter, and drawing virtually no attention to his intentional murder of 13 American soldiers who chose to serve their country, his press conference comments speak volumes about his misplaced loyalties, rationality, and misguided priorities, something we should all be concerned about.

David Crowe