Texas Legislature Got It Right

In spite of the raucous, lawless, and disruptive protests of those who vehemently claim they have some imagined “right” to kill other human beings at their discretion and for their convenience, the Texas Legislature, on Friday, July 12th, said, “No” you don’t.

Following the lead of Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kansas, Wisconsin and Arizona, duly elected Republican legislators voted in favor of House Bill 2, requiring doctors who perform abortions to “have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, allow abortions only in surgical centers, limit where and when women may take abortion-inducing pills and ban abortions after 20 weeks.”

The lawless and disrespectful ‘my right to kill crowd’ came loaded to make a scene. FoxNews reported that, “State troopers reported confiscating “significant quantities” of tampons and feminine pads from protesters before they were allowed in.  Bottles of suspected urine, feces and paint were also confiscated.” Presumably, if they did not get their way, they were going to throw feces, urine, pads and tampons on those legislators who voted for the bill!

Imagine having this scene repeated over and over at our state legislatures, and churches when the lawless and immoral amongst us see a challenge to their presumed ‘right’ to irresponsible sexual behavior, licentiousness, and free passage to murdering their own, no matter if the child could live outside the womb.

Imagine churches having to hire and pay police and private guards to conduct their services if they, like the Texas Legislature, are seen as enemies of the lawless agenda of the immoral.  If making a scene discourages, dissuades, and intimidates pastors, their boards, and those in the pews from speaking truth and standing politely against the rabble outside their doors, how does that contribute to a functional society of law and order?  Not to speak of the right to peaceably assemble to worship the only true God, fellowship together, teach our children, and hear His eternal wisdom for life and peace.

Unless and until, like the voters in Texas, we elect representatives, senators and governors who respect life, God ordained marriage and family, and reject the incessant ‘my rights’ rantings and intimidation of the immoral and lawless in America, from the grass roots up, it will continue. 

If we fail to do so, we will rue the day when they show up at our churches to splatter us with urine, feces, bullhorns, paint . . . and worse.

David Crowe