Where do you stand?

The Republican Convention is over, and the Obama Camp has already dismissed Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech, much as they have dismissed everyone and any group that disagrees with this President.

Ironically, it was Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State, and black American, more than any other speaker, who correctly assessed the chaotic and dangerous world in which we live; the necessity of knowing where we stand, and where we are going, if the American experiment is to live on.

As I watched and listened to her 19 minute speech it was clear that what she said, whether beknownst to her or not, applied not only to all Americans but to Christians in particular.

Serious minded followers of Jesus Christ should know who they are in the eternal scope of things, and where we should stand on all kinds of issues if Christ is to be honored, and mankind set free.

As we draw closer to voter registration deadlines in each state for the November Election it is imperative that we get out in front, and lead our churches in non-partisan voter registration.  Registering and turning out 3 million of the 25 million eligible-to-vote Evangelicals who are either not registered or registered yet not voting, is critical to the outcome of the November Election.

Please Sign The Covenant To Vote and ask your friends to sign and ask their friends to do the same.

David Crowe

President & CEO