Destroying The Foundations

A segment of the O’Reilly Report yesterday lamented that a teen who blows the whistle on his cheating peers will be ostracized and kicked out of school, observing that there is “no moral code” anymore in our schools. They concluded, correctly, with the question, “What does this say about our society?”

Further, we might ask, what does it say when Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, refuses to provide documents to Congress that could prove he lied under oath, about “Fast and Furious” and is then held in contempt of Congress…with no consequences? 

FBI Director Louis Freeh, in his report yesterday on who was responsible for the moral debacle at Penn State, verbally indicted top Penn State officials including their President, his executive staff, and Joe Paterno, their legendary coach, saying, “When wrongdoing occurs, everyone has the responsibility to blow the whistle.” 

Does that responsibility include Eric Holder and the President of the United States?  Do they have a responsibility to blow the whistle when wrongdoing ocurs, or do they get a special dispensation to shove it under the rug as did Joe Paterno, his coaching staff and the President of Penn State?  I think not, but unlike the Watergate Scandal, the media, has given another ‘pass’ to their beloved leader.  Like Joe Paterno, he can do no wrong.

What does it say about our society, about us, our educational system, and our elected officials, when the President of the United States and his Attorney General are both given a ‘pass’ to conceal evidence by resorting to so called “executive privilige” to protect himself and his Attorney General from the consequences of their decisions? 

Apparently, when ‘wrongdoing occurs’ NO ONE has any ‘responsibility to blow the whistle’ anymore, be it the President of the United States, his Attorney General,  the President of a major University, his executive staff nor those who coach and set an example for our young men and women. Whatever is expedient to protect ourselves, is the new law of the land, a ‘fast and furious’ road to lawlessness and tyranny.   

We wouldn’t want our young people to be corrupted by our example now would we!  But that is just what we are doing!

And then there is the Episcopal Church which on July 10th approved a liturgy for the blessing of same-sex unionsin direct contradiction to the very clear teachings of the Scriptures they say are the foundation of their faith.

What does all this say about our contemporary society, particularly the so called “adult” community across the nation? 

Clearly, our problems in America are not students, or young people in general, but ‘adult delinquents’ in government and without, who choose the law of expedience rather than those outdated and ancient laws George Washington called the ‘eternal rules of order and right.’ 

“If the foundations are destroyed, what shall the righteous do?”  Psalm 11:3

A good start would be the removal of adult delinquents from positions of authority and influence, starting on November 6th.

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David Crowe – President

Restore America