When will our pastors and Christian leaders stand up?

Last week, Barack Obama, with the aid of his Vice President, outed himself on what many of us suspected from the outset of his campaign for the Presidency.  After listening to his speeches since his election, his campaign for gays openly serving in the military, and his comments behind closed doors to the GLBT community in government, there was little doubt that his ‘evolution’ to so called ‘gay marriage’ was inevitable. 

When his Attorney General refused to defend DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), with corresponding silence, er go approval from the White House in violation of their oath to defend the laws of the land, what we all knew about this President’s radicalism and disdain for the Constitution, federal law, their oath, and the will of the people expressed in 32 states, is now impossible to ignore, and without dispute.

Barack Obama – who denies being an ideologue – is a supporter not of federal law or the clear majority of Americans, as attested in 32 states, but of the most radical, misguided, unwarranted, and divisive social change in all of history save Nazi Germany under Hitler and Communist Russia under Joseph Stalin.  And for what!  A political agenda to remake America to his own liking and that of his radical friends, a strategy reminiscent of tyrants down through history. 

His support for so called ‘same sex’ marriage is the final proof that his purpose all along was, and is, ideological to the core, a foisting on all America of a far left anti God, anti Christ, anti Christian, agenda akin to that of Sol Alinsky, radical terrorist Bill Ayers, and left wing socialists from both coasts, Chicago, and our most liberal college and university campuses nationwide.  If given 4 more years, he will destroy everything that made America the greatest and freest nation on earth. 

The politically concocted, misbegotten phrase, ‘Same Sex Marriage’ flies against all civilized history and says more about our self serving and sexually disoriented society than anything else.  Those who advocate such deviancy from what is obviously unnatural in every respect, show contempt for historic wisdom with regard to what is best for men and women and particularly children.  It is the height of self absorption, disordered souls, and a disordered society.

With all the social studies and research clearly showing that marriage between a man and a woman is best for men, women, and children, and a functional society, this President self servingly preferred the lie over the truth.

But what is equally disturbing is the silence of our Congressman,  Senators, Christian leaders and pastors upon this President’s announcement. 

Dr. Kenyn Cureton, Vice President for Church Ministries at the Family Research Council in Washington D.C., in a recent Newsletter to pastors stated, “As troubling as that is (Obama’s position on marriage), even more troubling is a reply that was made to Tony (Tony Perkins, President of FRC) by a well-known Senator in response to Tony’s questions as to why the opposition party was not raising the issue and defending Biblical marriage, as is stated in their platform.”

The Senator’s reply? “We are not hearing anything from the pastors and churches about this.”

After 13 years of appealing to pastors, 3 Conferences, numerous trips to Washington D.C. to meet with Arlington Group members to get pastors to speak out on the moral and social issues of our time, little has changed.  The fear of man instead of the fear of God continues unabated in our pulpits, pews, and politics.  As a result, there is no fear of God in our courts, our houses of government, laws and policies

Such fear is an affront to the God of heaven and earth, a shame equalled only by the silence of German Christians as the Jews were being hauled off to the Gas Chambers less than a century ago.  Silence and weakness from our pulpits and Christian leaders on this issue is equivalent to blatant unfaithfulness by a wife, and in biblical language, between the Bride of Christ and her Covenant keeping Husband, The LORD Jesus Christ. 

Whether men of God grasp the significance of this satanic mindset in the White House, Halls of Congress, and the Church, and stand forcefully united against this diabolic plan to destroy what God has ordained, the course of the nation is sealed.  The capitulation to the prince of the power of the air by we Christians will be complete. We will have passed on to our children the unthinkable and irreversible.


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But my people did not listen to My voice; and Israel did not obey me. So I gave them over to the stubbornness of their heart, to walk in their own devices. 

Psalm 81:11-12