15 States Opt Out Of Funding Obama’s Abortion Plan

With little comment by the media, and as reported in Lifenews.com, South Dakota in Mid March “became the fifteenth state to cut abortion funding in the controversial Obamacare health care legislation that requires states to set up health insurance exchanges and Americans to purchase health insurance.”

When Governor Dennis Daugaard signed HB 1185, “South Dakota joins Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas,  Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia” in opting out of “having abortion covered in their federally-mandated insurance plans.”

So what does that say about those states like Oregon who have been picking the taxpayer’s pockets for years to fund the killing of the innocents?  1 in 3 abortions in Oregon…..approximately 3,500 per year….are fully funded by taxpayers through the Oregon Health Plan!

Further, what does that say about the citizens of those states who tolerate the use of their hard earned dollars to fund the left’s agenda to rid us of  unwanted humans created by God and in His Image?  In addition – and possibly most convicting of all – what does it say about the Christian Community in those states and the pastors who should be railing from their pulpits against such practices?  Remember Nazi Germany?  They did it as well, in getting rid of the ‘unwanted.’ 

In Oregon, Citizen Initiative 25 has until May 18th to collect 150,000 signatures to place this issue on the November 6th General Election ballot.  As of April 13th, the sponsors have only 19,430 Signatures. This in spite of the fact that…

A petition can be signed online at their site

downloaded to circulate at church, bible studies, through Christian organizations, colleges, men’s and women’s groups, Christian radio stations, civic clubs and more. And, there are hundreds of thousands of Christians in Oregon who could easily sign the petition.

One begins to wonder what is going through the minds of Christian pastors and their church boards in Oregon when simple participation in this effort by half the Evangelical churches in the State could place this on the November ballot for which the citizens of Oregon could Vote. Go to http://oregon2012.org/ and make a difference. 

Oregonians! Here’s your chance to participate constructively in the process to restore the voice of the people in civil government, end taxpayer funding of abortion in Oregon, and help preserve the lives of thousands.  You have less than 5 weeks, but by individuals taking simple, faith filled action, it can be done!