Electability? Or a Mess of Pottage?

It took Hitler and the Nazis only a few years to reconfigure the German Church to serve his wishes.  Wanting security, church leaders capitulated to Nazi pressure, bought in to Nazi doctrine and embraced his anti Semitic, Aryan propaganda. 

The Republican establishment Mormon connection and promotion of the fallacy that Mitt Romney is more ‘electable’ than Rick Santorum, is similar to the Nazi propaganda assertion that what Germany needed was a leader who could return Germany to its former glory.

That Savior/Messiah motif was Obama’s theme and it is Romney’s assertion, aided and abetted by a lapdog conservative media.  Romney is held up as the only person who understands Wallstreet, capitalism, and how to restore America to its affluence and world leadership.  Santorum on the other hand argues that we must restore the reins of government back to the people and out of Washington.

The next two months – specifically the remaining Primaries in the remaining 21 states – will determine whether America takes the world banker bait behind Romney and Obama and further destroy any possibility of recovery, morally, spiritually, economically or politically.

Voting for a candidate who would lead us to believe he is a Christian, – a position he and his followers and the Republican Establishment hold to – but which CANNOT be squared with history or historic Christian doctrine, is the same grievous mistake the German Church made in trade for a false security whose end was, and still is, disastrous.

It is not about ‘electability’, but the power of inference to persuade the undecideds that it is futile to resist the foreordained outcome, an outcome decided by the powerful.  Example?  The media announcement today,  just before the Wisconsin Primary, that Senator Marco Rubio and former President Herbert Walker Bush have now endorsed Mitt Romney.

This election, more than even the 2008 Presidential election is about a world system based on the love of mammon, versus the Providential blessing of God upon a nation that continues to honor and uphold His revealed truth.

If 25-30% of Evangelical Chrisians continue to see Mitt Romney as their security in a world that is unraveling before our eyes, we will have capitulated to the spirit of this world, and ushered in acceptance of Mormonism as ‘Christian’ just as the German Church, like Esau (Genesis 25:29-34), sold their birthright to Hitler’s anti semitic, anti Christ doctrines, with disastrous results.

The world bankers behind the Federal Reserve fraud, and those who have sold their souls for a temporary fix as did Esau, will be satiated, but only temporarily.  The people of America, including those deceived Evangelicals who voted for Romney, will again find themselves deceived and bilked of their rightful blessing – as was Esau – by their willingness to give away their inheritance for a temporary mess of pottage.