Let’s face it brethren!  The only reason Barack Obama was elected President of the United States is because 25% of the 33 million Evangelicals who voted, ignored his background and record as a state and U.S. Senator, bought his pied piper campaign rhetoric and voted for him!  1 in 4 of those who professed to follow Jesus Christ as their LORD, threw aside their loyalty to the KING of kings and His eternal rules of order and right and voted for a charlatan.  Now, after 3 years of the most egregiously arrogant, incompetent, and duplicitous  leadership we have ever witnessed in a U.S. President, we are about to do the same thing all over again! 

Exit polls in each Republican Primary consistently reveal that 25% or more of voting Evangelicals are voting for Mitt Romney for the same reasons they voted for Barack Obama…’hope and change’ as it relates to their pocket books and financial security,  without regard for the teachings of the One in whom they profess to worship. 

With Obama, 1 in 4 Evangelical voters rationalized his radical record in support of abortion, the homosexual agenda, and redistributionist philosophy.  They opted instead to believe his campaign promises would bring responsible change when in fact the slogan was nothing more than a skillful dissimulation to disguise and conceal his real agenda in order to get elected.  

Evangelicals who are voting for Romney are rationalizing the radical difference between their faith and his, choosing instead to place their faith in him, as if his association with Wall Street and big money trumps all other considerations.  When money and financial security rises to such heights in our thinking, it is idolatry.  Webster’s Dictionary states that idolatry is “anything on which we set our affections; that to which we indulge an excessive and sinful attachment.” It is a violation of both the First and Second Commandments written in stone by the finger of God.  

Unless we come to our senses in the remaining Primaries, realize there is no Savior but One, and choose wisely, in accord with what best represents the teachings of the Word of God, there will be no chance of escape from the moral, spiritual and financial abyss we have allowed to be nourished by those we have chosen to represent us over the last 50 years.     

As Dr. Albert Mohler, one of America’s foremost Evangelical Theologians said, “Evangelical Christians will either stand upon the authority and total truthfulness of the Bible, or we will inevitably capitulate to the secular worldview.”

Seriously….Christian!  Are you going to stand…or capitulate?