The Romney/Establishment Spin Continues

On, and on, and on it  goes!  Where the spin stops only the voters really know!  Thank God for citizens who take their citizenship seriously!  There may yet be hope for America if Evangelical Christians refuse to listen to the Television Networks and Republican Establishment spinners, get out of their pews and go to the polls!  Since they form the largest voting block in America at nearly 60 million, they can redirect the nation if they show up at the polls in the remaining primaries.

Former Senator Rick Santorum – remember him?  He’s the one the media stuck on the far left side of the debate and rarely got a question to anwer.  He’s the one who won Iowa by driving around the state on a shoestring budget, speaking to any and everyone who would give him the time of day.  Mitt Romney on the other hand was spending millions beating up on Newt Gingrich through the Iowa air waves with multi-million-dollar attack ads.  You would think his campaign team, and republican strategists might have learned something from Iowa.  But no, they didn’t.  They continued the old paradigm of beating up on anyone who seemed to be a threat, with more and more attack ads in each and every state that had a Primary on the horizon.  They spent millions in each state to persuade voters their man was a conservative.  But alas!  The wealthy guy with the millions in attack ads finds his negatives going up, while the guy with the pick up truck sees his positives climbing ever higher.

The voters, particularly Evangelicals, are not being fooled by spinmeisters on the right or the left.  They are taking stock of the character, humility, and genuineness of each candidate who aspires to the office of President, unlike in 2008.  They know there is no room for error this time.  They want someone they can trust in the White House, a President who will lead, represent them, and not the radical left.  Santorum, with his shoe leather ethic, heart to heart passion, and commitment to restore governance to the people, has risen above the Republican Establishment choice in the eyes and hearts of the voters.  And therein lies the key to victory, whether for the nomination of his Party, or his election to the Presidency. Nothing more, nothing less.

David Crowe

President, Restore America