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10 Point Christian Voter Checklist

Join this great endeavor to restore America and make an impact for Christ by voting wisely this November. This guide will…

  • Give you an understandable voting guide from a Biblical perspective. It is critical in this election that you understand what is at stake before casting your vote.
  • Empower you to help preserve foundational, Christian positions such as life, marriage, and religious liberty. Many Christians do not understand that outcome of this election may put these values under direct assault.
  • Reveal an overview of where this nation is heading if evangelicals do not take action. The difference between the two parties’ platforms on major social and political issues could not be clearer. Now is the time for you to vote according to the values God provided in Scripture.

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David Crowe

David Crowe is the Founder and President of Restore America.
An ordained minister, David speaks and writes frequently on our Christian Heritage and duty to participate responsibly in civil government and the elective process.