Der Fuhrer Comes To America

History teaches us that we learn nothing from history.  It has been said that a nation that forgets it’s history is doomed.  We seem to forget that the German people were so eager for leadership they elected Adolph Hitler, “Der Fuhrer,” as Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933, just 78 years ago.  Within less than two months he suspended those sections of the Constitution that “guaranteed individual liberties and civil rights,” passing the “Enabling Act” for “the good of the people.”

While not to be compared to Hitler, it is noteworthy that Barack Obama, like Hitler, dismisses the Constitution whenever it gets in the way of his stubbornly held personal views.  No matter that his view conflicts with deeply held religious convictions in millions of Americans, views protected in the First Amendment.  

Obama, like Hitler, is righteous in his own sight in imposing his will on the American people.  Dictators dictate, and this President has a propensity to exercise authority he does not have under our Constitution.   That by itself should cause all Americans to pause and reflect upon his qualifications to hold the highest office in the land.

David Crowe – President, Restore America