Six recent national *surveys revealed the following:

  • 89% believe religion and morality are important to them and their family.
  • 79% believe religion and morality are important to the country.
  • 64% believe there is not enough religion in schools. Only 8% believe there is too much.
  • 72% believe there is not enough religion in movies and television.
  • 87% approve of the reference to “The Creator” in the Declaration of Independence. Only 6% strongly disapprove.
  • 88% approve of the reference of “One Nation under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. Only 7% strongly disapprove.
  • 78% approve of the Ten Commandments appearing in court houses across America. Only 12% strongly disapprove.
  • 81% oppose removing crosses and other such monuments from public parks and other public property. Only 8% strongly disapprove.
  • 94% approve of a moment of silence allowing children to pray if they want to in public schools. Only 3% strongly disapprove.
  • 90% approve of a Christmas tree or Menorah being placed on public property during the holiday season. Only 5% strongly disapprove.
  • 93% believe that it is still important to acknowledge that our rights come from our Creator. Only 3% disagree.
  • 83% oppose the left’s model that the best way to protect religious freedom is to make sure no religious expression is permitted in a public building.
  • 81% reject efforts to eliminate all references to God in government-sanctioned activities or public buildings. Only 9% strongly favor it.

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, says that “America has a natural, overwhelming conservative majority — and that the real division is between red-white-and-blue America (about 85% of the country) versus a sickly pastel pink leftist fringe (the other15%).” He states, “The pastel pinks have not only perpetuated the myth that the country is equally divided, they have also insisted that their positions hold moral superiority.”

Because that 15% controls our media and entertainment industry, academia, and a growing number of government institutions, their continuous bombardment of our lives with left wing secular viewpoints has succeeded in persuading many that they are right and we are wrong in just about everything we hold dear and true. As a result we Christians have come to believe that what they say must be true, marched obediently to the back of the bus, slumped quietly into our seats, and succumbed to their incessant rants. Sadly, far too many have given up on their citizenship responsibility, and become unwitting and compliant participants in the de-Christianizing of America by our failure to show up at the ballot box.

It is time that we repented of that weak and faithless mentality. The deceptions and minority ‘rule’ of the secularists CAN be stopped if we would simply trust in the power of Christ in us through our collective VOTES!

*The results of these surveys are available at