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Increase the Evangelical Vote across the nation on November 1st, 2016 by 5 million


  • The 2016 Elections will determine whether America will continue down the road to a socialist, top down, government controlled ‘nanny’ state, or begin the return to limited, constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and traditional values.
  • The 2016 Elections will determine whether we remain a free people in control of government, or become progressively subjugated by a socialist mindset that is hostile to Christianity, Christians, and the principles embodied in our Constitution.
  • The Evangelical voting block (58 million eligible to VOTE) is the largest voting block in the nation, and by its sheer numbers – if mobilized to VOTE – could ensure the election of far more conservative Christian World View candidates to public office at all levels of civil government.
  • Of that 58 million, however, only 33 million VOTED in the Presidential Elections of 2004 and 2008 and only 30 million VOTED in 2012! Only 22 million voted in the 2010 Election!
  • The 2016 election, with the propaganda, demagoguery, media bias, and negative campaigning by special interests, will mislead the naïve, the uninformed, and the dependent, in order for radical liberal elites to maintain power and control in Washington for 2  more years, from which we will not recover.
  • By our very numbers, it is we Christians who hold America’s future in our hands.  It is our vision and commitment to our citizenship duty – or lack thereof – that will determine the nation’s course.  If America is to be restored ‘Under God’, Evangelical Christians must be informed, engaged, and mobilized to VOTE in far greater numbers in 2016.

Please Help us Achieve our Goal

  • Join The America 2016 Project– Our Goal is 100,000 Bible believing Christians throughout the nation working with their pastors, Christian organizations, and ministries “As One Man” (Judges 6:16), to hold non-partisan Voter Registration Drives in their churches each Sunday for 3 weeks prior to their state’s voter registration deadline,  for both their Primary and General Election, followed by  Voter Turnout Drives for 3 weeks prior to their Primary and the November 8th, 2016 Election.
  • Pray that God would move on the hearts of RA donors past and present, to pray, and to give.
  • Support the Project either online or by check made out to Restore America and mailed to PO BOX 2225, Lake Oswego, OR 97035