“I know David Crowe and the efforts of Restore America to awaken and call the Body of Christ to their citizenship duty. I fully endorse David’s “America 2014 Project” and pray you will get behind their efforts to impact the 2014 elections.”

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel, www.LC.org

“I enthusiastically support the patriotic work of David Crowe in launching the “America 2014 Project” which is actively encouraging and equipping Christian citizens to vote principle before politics. The preservation of our Republic hinges on God’s people faithfully participating in their civic duty.”

Tony Perkins, Family Research Council President

“David Crowe and Restore America are at the tip of the spear in America’s culture war. I strongly support their efforts to get men and women of faith actively engaged in the public arena in defense of faith, family and freedom.”

Gary Bauer, President of American Values & Campaign For Working Families

We appreciate all that you stand for and all that you do!

Bill Dallas, President, Champion The Vote

“David Crowe’s effort to encourage Christians to register to vote is foundational to maintaining our freedoms. If Christians do not participate in significant numbers in the coming Elections, voting as followers of Jesus Christ rather than as Republicans or Democrats, America may never recover.”

Rick Scarborough, Senior Pastor of Harvest Point Church, and President, Vision America

“I have followed David Crowe and Restore America for some years now. He is a man of integrity, loyalty and passion for this country. Support Restore America’s nationwide voter registration efforts. In a republic like ours, registering, informing yourself, and actually voting is the least an American Christian can do to ‘render to Caesar what is due.’ Obey Christ and serve your country at the same time.”

Stu Weber, Pastor and Author

“As I recall the evening of your presentation, you were the only speaker we have had in 26 years that received a standing ovation!”

Clifford Mansley, 73 year veteran of Boy Scouts of America

“I have been reading your newsletters for some time now, and I am very grateful for your service to God and the United States. Your updates provide a needed and unfiltered Biblical perspective on the important issues in America. I have hope because of you and others like you. Please do not grow weary in well doing, and thank you for not being silent.”

James Stephen Beaty III, Student, Liberty University

To whom it may concern,

Please support David Crowe and the “America 2014 Project”.  The vital need to register and turn out Christian voters could not be more urgent.  David Crowe is no sunshine patriot. For decades David has been a winter soldier in the battle for Christian values.  I highly commend David and his effort to register and turn out a historic number of Christians in the coming elections.

Dr. Gary L. Cass, Chairman and CEO, DefendChristians.org
A Ministry of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission
Former Executive Director, Reclaiming America for Christ