A Primer On The Causes Of Our Cultural Demise

  1. The falling away of our Colleges and Seminaries from belief in the authority, inspiration, and infallibility of our Judeo-Christian Scriptures.

  2. State-controlled secular education introduced by Horrace Mann in 1837.

  3. Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, published in 1859.

  4. Harvard Law School application of Evolution theory to the development of Law.

  5. The teaching of Evolution in public schools instead of Biblical Creation, began in 1925 and continues to this day.

  6. The 1922 Humanist Manifesto regarding the universe as self-existing, not created, affirming biological and cultural evolution.

  7. The Supreme Court decision in 1947 unduly restricting the voice and influence of Christians in America. i.e. separation of church and state.

  8. Embracing the tenets of Secular Humanism while rejecting the eternal and unchanging rules of order and right embraced by our Founders and revealed over several millennia.

  9. The Supreme Court decision in 1948 to end religious instruction in public schools.

  10. FDA approval of oral contraceptives in 1960.

  11. The Comprehensive Sex Education Movement in the 1960’s.

  12. The Counter Culture Movement starting in California in the 1960’s.

  13. The Supreme Court decision in 1962 to ban prayer in public school events.

  14. The Supreme Court decision in 1963 to ban teacher-led prayer in public schools.

  15. The Supreme Court decision in 1973 creating a right in the Constitution for a woman to abort her offspring.

  16. The Supreme Court ruling in 1978 to prohibit Christmas Caroling in public schools.

  17. The Supreme Court ruling In 1980 that posting the 10 Commandments in public school classrooms and grounds was unconstitutional.

  18. The LGBTQR+ political movement to force acceptance of sodomy.

  19. The Supreme Court ruling In 2003 invalidating sodomy laws across the United States, making same-sex sexual activity legal in every state and United States Territory.

  20. The Supreme Court ruling In 2015 in a 5-4 decision recognizing ‘same-sex marriage’ as Constitutional after 30 of 31 state’s citizens voted “NO”.

  21. Historical Revisionism, and liberal attempts to destroy the reputation of our Founders in our school textbooks.

  22. LGBTQR+ infiltration of our public schools to portray their behavior as normal and confuse our children about their sexuality and identity.

  23. College and University Anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-American Heritage efforts to destroy faith and confidence in parents, their faith, and America’s Constitution and Republican form of civil government.

  24. Fraudulent, corrupt, and intentional political and media efforts to impeach and destroy a sitting President.

  25. The manipulation of our national elections by self-righteous men and women who employ any and all means to achieve their political aspirations.