What We Don’t Know

“If you abide in My Word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:31-32 The words of Jesus of Nazareth

It is what we don’t know that hurts us

Knowing the truth about critical issues that affect all Americans, is essential if we are to have enlightened policies that ensure a morally healthy, society and future. Not knowing truth is a highway to moral, ethical, governmental, and personal collapse.

The growing absence of Truth in America

We didn’t know that government, i.e. public schools, were propagandizing and indoctrinating our children in a new religion, i.e. “cult,” of the anti-God left in America until families across the nation were confined to their homes by overzealous bureaucrats and saw what their children were being taught.

As a result, many school board members across the nation were confronted and replaced nationwide for their indifference to, or outright support of the woke agenda for our children. As overseers of our public schools, they should have known the effect of closing the school doors, on our children’s psychological, emotional, and social development, let alone the educational deficits brought about by misguided adults with an unspoken agenda.

We didn’t know how corrupt teacher union officials had become, nor that the organized LGBTQ+ community was being allowed into our schools to influence administrators, and teachers to embrace the introduction of immoral behavior, sexualizing and confusing our children down to the 3rd grade. Why didn’t we know? Is it not that we have become too dependent and too trusting of secular Government instead of the One Who said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Mark 13:31).

We didn’t know how corrupt the Biden Family was, in spite of all the times Joe Biden lied about knowing anything of his son Hunter’s worldwide pay-for-play schemes that are now well known thanks to a small computer repair shop owner who blew the whistle on the content of Hunter’s laptop and the testimony of Hunter’s former business partner.

We didn’t know how partisan and corrupt our Intelligence agencies had become until a few honorable elected representatives in Congress brought to light the illegal collusion between certain members of the FBI, the Clinton Campaign, the cell phone fiasco, and Hillary’s lies about her email server.

We didn’t know how a Presidential Candidate could amass 81 million votes to win the Presidency when he hid from the public in the basement of his Delaware home and came out on occasion to meet little more than a 100 supporters… while his opponent was holding rallies of 1000s on a frequent basis.

We didn’t know how deceitful and corrupt this same person really is until facts surfaced proving he and his administration were illegally conspiring with the Social Media Giants to suppress and cover up incriminating facts about Hunter Biden’s ventures that exposed the corruption of the entire Biden family business. Voters needed to know these things BEFORE the 2020 Presidential Election but were prevented by his Campaign’s near daily connections with complicit Social Media who oontinually suppressed opposition viewpoints.

American voters did not know, thanks to a left-wing partisan news media, Social Media, and unprincipled men who want power and money, how much they were being manipulated and controlled by democrat ‘swing’ state politicians.

Not until several patriotic Americans such as Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote and former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman Exposed how election officials in Wisconsin with Mark Zuckerberg’s Millions, conspired together to ensure Joe Biden carried Wisconsin.

We didn’t know until very recently that Joe Biden was illegally and carelessly in possession of classified documents from his days as Vice President, in 4 different locations including the garage at his private residence in Delaware. His criticism of Donald Trump’s possession of classified documents is not only hollow, but irrefutably hypocritical.

We didn’t know how deeply corrupted the hierarchy of the Department of Justice, the Attorney General, the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Homeland Security had become. But we do now. TOO LATE.. thanks to all the above noted ‘players.’

Per our first President’s Farewell Address warning, we have been taken over by an “organized faction of cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men” who have “subverted the power of the people to usurp for themselves the reins of government.”

How could we know? The intentional interference by woke Social Media Moguls, Federal and State officials and bureaucrats along with the liberal media, purposely deceived and continue to deceive the citizens of America… belying Things To Come that are known only by the people who abide in His Word and know the Truth that sets men free.

Why didn’t we know?

Is it not that we have become too dependent upon, and too trusting of secular Government instead of the One Who said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Mark 13:31)?

“Even so, come, LORD Jesus.”

Revelation 22:20

2023 Will be a critical year in American History

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“Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!”

Psalm 107:1

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