At What Point Do We Say Enough?

The Biden Administration is Destroying what was once known as the greatest nation in history…an undisputed fact that is on the verge of becoming old history.

Joe Biden in his inaugural speech said he was going to unify the nation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • On the day of His Inauguration, he signed 27 Executive Orders reversing virtually all the Trump Administration had set in place, to the delight of far-left Bernie Sander progressives and so-called moderate democrats, to the dismay of millions of law-abiding American citizens.

  • Stopped construction on the Keystone XL pipeline, eliminating jobs of over 11,000 workers, and our first-ever energy Independence.

  • He stopped construction on the Southern border wall, created open borders, tied the hands of our border patrol, leading to a continuous flood of illegal immigrants from over 150 nations pouring into the nation who now have more rights and services than America’s citizens. A decision that has led to greatly increased trafficking of women and children, a criminal element from South America and terrorist nations, fentanyl, and other drugs.

  • Rejoined and committed billions to the Paris Climate accord, and nuclear negotiations with Iran, the leading terrorist-supporting nation in the world.

  • Forced a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that left hundreds of Americans hostage to a Terrorist regime that is slaughtering those who aided our troops for 20 years, all to fulfill a campaign promise.

  • Dismayed and Disheartened our allies around the globe and all those in America whose loved ones died to protect America from further terrorist attacks.

  • Emboldened our enemies, including terrorists worldwide.

  • Left our nation more vulnerable to terrorist attacks as well as attacks from enemy nations.

  • Threatens American citizens with loss of their jobs, pensions, and businesses if they have reservations about or choose not to take a highly questionable, dangerous, and only somewhat effective vaccine whose side effects are numerous and potentially life-changing.

  • Creates fear, distrust, and division amongst all Americans.

  • Threatens and imprisons members of our armed services who ask for accountability from the leaders of our nation for their refusal to take responsibility for both their immoral military and political failure in Afghanistan; accountability for which all decent patriotic Americans are asking.

  • And now will stop at nothing to foist trillions of dollars from Americans to support the Obama, Sanders, Ocasio ‘Squad’ Climate Change fraud to “transform” America; a socialist and so called “social infrasture” bill that will bankrupt America, destroy our freedoms, and the future of our children.

We-the-people ARE the Government!

Stand Up! Speak up! And Say NO!


Open Borders
Illegal Immigration
Forced Vaccinations
Trillions In More Spending
More & Higher Taxes
Negotiation With Terrorists
Federal Government Control Of Our Elections
Government Control of Education
Politicizing Our Children’s Minds And Future
Big Tech’s Power & Propaganda
Shutting Down Our Voices

Call Your U.S. Senators and Representative
The Capitol Switchboard

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love and a sound mind
II Timothy 1:7

Our Values, Beliefs, and Commitments

Our Judeo-Christian Heritage and Civil Government as outlined in our founding documents are of utmost importance to America’s future; that informed, principled and sustained involvement of Christians in civil government is necessary to preserve the knowledge of God, the value of each human life, and our God granted rights under the Constitution. (II Corinthians 10:3-5)

Restoring the “Vision” of our Forefathers to create a nation Under God” must be restored to the Body of Christ if God’s people are to fulfill their ‘salt and light’ responsibility in the preservation of the Republic and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Proverbs 29:18, Matthew 5:13-16)

The Stewardship of Our Vote – The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the VOICE and VOTES of enlightened American citizens protect and preserve the Republic “Under God.”

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