The End Of Our Republic

Passage of HR 4 and Senate Bill 2747 would Forever Prevent State and Citizen Control of Our elections

Here’s How

Designed by Leaders of the Democrat Party, to place all elections in America under the control of Biden’s Department of Justice…

HR 4, the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act” if passed, would give Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) total control of every election, and which democrats have said is their “top priority” in controlling the 2022 elections. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel states in his September 24 Newsletter, that under Senate Rule 14, these two bills can be brought to the floor of the Senate for a vote at any moment without any hearings.
Senate Bill 2747, if passed, will force states to:

  • Register all people automatically to vote at the DMV. If the person is an illegal or gives the wrong address, he cannot be prosecuted.

  • Require same-day registration at all polling locations.

  • Mandate drop boxes for ballots.

  • Provide absentee ballots without a reason.

  • Replace ID with sworn statements.

  • Prohibit photo ID for vote by mail.

  • Require nonprofits to disclose all donors.

  • Require states to allow felons to vote before serving their time.

  • Match government funds with up to 1.8 billion dollars going to candidates.

  • Accept nationwide pre-clearance that empowers the Department of Justice to have total control of every election, which would permit the DOJ to increase mail-in ballots and drop boxes only in blue precincts.

Under these two bills, anyone who questions the legitimacy of the voter or the ballot, faces a penalty of five years in jail and a 100,000-dollar fine.

Mat Staver, who spoke at our Oregon Conference two years in a row, is President and Founder of Liberty Counsel and Chairman of Liberty Counsel Action, with offices in Orlando, Florida and Washington D.C., warns these bills can be voted on at any time. All Republican Senators are on record in opposition to both bills but with 50 democrat Senators and 50 republicans, the deciding vote is in the hands of Vice President Kamala Harris a radical democrat.

Voters must contact their Senators urging them to oppose this takeover of our elections.

To Democrat Leadership in Washington D.C. these bills are …

“Sine Qua Non”

something considered absolutely indispensable or essential
(Merriam Webster Dictionary)
And in this case, passage of the entire Socialist, Marxist agenda of the democrat party.

Pray that God moves in the hearts of good and Godly men and women who revere truth, and our God granted freedoms, will take a stand against these Satanically motivated bills, speak up boldly in the Power of the Holy Spirit, and call our elected officials to account.

The Capitol Switchboard

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love and a sound mind
II Timothy 1:7

Pray for the Christians in Afghanistan

Our Values, Beliefs, and Commitments

Our Judeo-Christian Heritage and Civil Government as outlined in our founding documents are of utmost importance to America’s future; that informed, principled and sustained involvement of Christians in civil government is necessary to preserve the knowledge of God, the value of each human life, and our God granted rights under the Constitution. (II Corinthians 10:3-5)

Restoring the “Vision” of our Forefathers to create a nation Under God” must be restored to the Body of Christ if God’s people are to fulfill their ‘salt and light’ responsibility in the preservation of the Republic and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Proverbs 29:18, Matthew 5:13-16)

The Stewardship of Our Vote – The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the VOICE and VOTES of enlightened American citizens protect and preserve the Republic “Under God.”

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