What’s Missing From Our Children’s Classrooms?

The Truth About America’s History

Dear Friends Of Restore America,

Recently, I posted an Alert about a Central Oregon effort to rid their school board of members who support a state and national movement to indoctrinate our children in Critical Race Theory.

The actions they are taking can be seen and read here

If you are only cursorily acquainted with what Critical Race Theory is and how it is being incorporated into our schools, read this article by a fourteen-year Texas State Representative who went on to serve on the Texas State Board of Education for several years.

If you want a more extensive and excellent explanation of its Marxist origin, what it is, and how it is being used to take over all our institutions including Federal, State, and Local governments, as well as education, read this article from Hillsdale College.

For the sake of your children and all our futures, please read these very informative articles.

If not stopped NOW, at the local school board level across the nation, the children educated in America’s public and even private schools and colleges, will never know the truth about our history, and the profound influence of Christianity on their lives.

A ‘social theory’ beginning with Karl Marx, and Frankfurt Intellectuals, like the ‘theory of evolution‘, denies and replaces 3000 years of evidence from archeology, Judeo Christian history, and the blessings of God on America and to the world.

Man concocted ‘Theories’, not eternal truth, will destroy our freedoms, ensconce totalitarian rule around the world…and open the flood gates to the “mark of the beast,” the demonic miracles of the anti-Christ, the trials of the Tribulation, and the Day of The LORD.

The lies and deceptions of unbelieving secular humanist religion will be what our children will learn, and America – as thousands have lived and died to preserve – will be lost…for no good and redeeming purpose.

Is this what you want your children to be taught, and for which your tax dollars will be used? I pray not.

If America is to be Restored to what George Washington called “The eternal rules of order and right”, Christian citizens in communities, towns, and cities across the nation, Must ACT!

Our guiding principle during the days ahead must continue to be “In God We Trust” as we “Occupy (continue to do His will) until He Comes.”


Taking Control Of Education

The Left’s Radical Blueprint


“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

George Washington

Restore America

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