Taking Control of Education At The School Board Level

Redmond Oregon Shows the Way!

Dear Friends Of Restore America,

Over the last several decades, enlightened Americas have become increasingly aware of the degree to which education has become a propaganda tool of the democrat secular left. Their goal: Turn successive generations of America’s youth against our Founders, our biblical values and beliefs, and now with the unsubstantiated notion that America has always been a white-led racist nation.

Yesterday, I received word that Conservatives in Redmond, Oregon have had enough of this traitorous and now entrenched indoctrination movement. They are seeking to replace 4 school board members who support Critical Race Theory curriculum in the Redmond Schools.

The actions they are taking can be seen and read here

If America is to be Restored to what George Washington called “The eternal rules of order and right”, citizens in communities, towns, and large cities across the nation, Must ACT, as are the citizens of Redmond Oregon.

Dale Witherington, Restore America’s new Executive Vice President and COO in a recent email said:

“Restoring America means preserving freedom from the new rise of tyranny. It means protecting liberty for all. In the name of Christ, we will fight for the rights of all men and women, boys and girls, to live according to their conscience under the rule of law given us by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Those freedoms were given to us by our Creator that we would live lives pleasing and honoring to Him.

They were not granted by human rulers who twist and pervert the meanings of “freedom” and “liberty” into concepts that would be totally unrecognizable not only by our founding Fathers but by every civilized society in the history of the world.”

Please forward this email to your friends in Central Oregon and encourage them to encourage their business associates, pastors, church Boards, and friends to take a stand with these Redmond Patriots.


The Left’s Radical Blueprint


“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

George Washington

Restore America

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