Joe Biden’s 40 Acts To Destroy America

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
II Timothy 3:1-8

Dear Friends Of America as we have known it,

In the last 10 days, Joe Biden, with his 40 + executive orders and acting as an autocratic dictator, is making every effort – wittingly or unwittingly – not only to destroy all that Donald Trump achieved on behalf of all Americans, but America as we have known it.

If he and his globalist, socialist backers and handlers are not stopped, they will continue their rampage of destruction, the now openly evident plan to divest us all of our free speech rights, our voice in the public square and voting booth, in favor of a one party oligarchy without the constraints of our Constitution, and representative government of, by, and for the people.

If you do not believe me, click here and watch the 12 minute Maria Bartiromo interview of Trump Senior Advisor Stephen Miller.

Biden and his handlers are simply ignoring and defying our Constitution as if it does not exist.

“Turn Away” From These Interlopers!”

Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi,
the Founders of Facebook, Twitter, Google,
Amazon, and democrats in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, purveyors of falsehoods and lawlessness in the media and government. These are they who are . . .

“lovers of themselves…traitors, heady, highminded…men of corrupt minds who resist the truth; from such, turn away.”

Dear Friends, this is not a time to be silent, numb, or paralyzed at what is happening in America by those who have usurped the Executive Branch of American government. It is a time to Fast, Pray, Stand, and Proclaim the way of Salvation, Righteousness, and Peace to our neighbors and elected officials, at all levels of authority in America.

We the people are the government, not those who have attained power by nefarious and unethical ways.


“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

George Washington

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