Finding The Truth About The Presidential Election

It has been 44 days since the Presidential election and millions of Americans still have no confidence that Joe Biden was the winner. Why? No one in the media, local, state,or federal government has presented believable, indisputable, and trustworthy facts to prove it.

Well over 70 million voters do not trust the media reporting on this election and after years of being exploited and lied to by politicians and elected officials,especially so after the last 4 years of daily hate Trump distortions, and lies, and a thousand sworn affidavits of election law violations at local and state ballot processing centers.

It has been proven after each election for years that voting machines and the companies who make them have been unreliable partners in our elections, their products being susceptible to malfunction and manipulation.

The latest suspects are machines made by a company named Dominion, who has 40% of the voting machine market and uses barcodes, which Colorado and New Mexico refused to use for ballot security reasons.

Dominion machines are used in all 5 democrat states whose vote totals for Biden spiked in the 3 hour halt in vote counting in those states on the evening of November 3rd.

While democrat officials deny any wrongdoing and judges in these states refuse to look at the mountain of evidence, those who know the truth are not simply ‘rolling over’ under a withering media blitz to ensure their preference is presented the keys to the Republic on January 20th.

One of those is Attorney Sydney Powell whose recent Interview reveals how the truth is being denied the American public and the necessity of exposing this insidious fraud now or voters will never be able to trust our elections again.

“We’ve Never Witnessed Anything Like This”

More to come on knowing the true outcome of the Presidential Election


“It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”
Samuel Adams – Father of The American Revolution


“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

George Washington

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