The Meaning Of The Word “Dominion”

“tread down”, “subjugate”, “prevail against”, “reign”, or “rule” over

The Hebrew root word “radah”

In the past three weeks a Company called “Dominion” has come under increasing scrutiny as a source of serious “vote shifting” in the November Election.

Dominion manufactures, sells, and maintains Electronic Voting Machines and Critical Software to State and County Elections officials in numerous states, including the five democrat controlled “Swing” states. The name of the company is unusual for what it implies might be the underlying purpose of the Company and it’s owners.

The Hebrew root of the word used in Genesis 1:26 where God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit said, “let us make man in our image, after our likeness, and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea…and over all the earth,” is “radah” which is used 9 times in the Old Testament.

It means to “tread down”, “subjugate”, “prevail against”, “reign”,
“have dominion”, or “rule” over

In English it means the “power or right of governing or controlling; sovereign authority; rule”

The question arises, “Why would the Founders name their company “Dominion” if they did not have in mind prevailing in elections against someone or something in an effort to gain power to control and rule?

Why would they back out of a Pennsylvania legislative hearing at the last minute after committing to “provide input in a public hearing”?

Why would their executives, who are “nowhere to be found…moving company offices overnight to different places”?

Why would they not release any analysis of the success of their voting machines to the public if they have nothing to hide?

Whatever the truth,

Dominion’s failure to get their bar code vulnerable machines certified in Texas; bar codes that researchers say are a security ‘problem’, and “as risky as earlier discredited electronic voting systems,” and vulnerable to “vote shifting,” combined with their actions since the election, cannot be ignored in the Trump Team argument that this election was in fact “stolen” from Donald Trump while intentionally defrauding the American voters.

(“Dominion voting systems were used in 14 Pennsylvania counties with 1.3 million voters, approximately one fifth of all the voters in the state.”)

Pray for the President


LORD God, there are eternal rules of order and right and we thank YOU for revealing that down through the centuries. As we and our President seek the truth about this election, may the enemies of truth be revealed, shamed, and brought to justice. We pray for our President, his loyal and loving family, themselves warriors for truth, and their Team of advisors, as they labor to show the truth about this election. Strengthen them, lead them, and honor them in their labors to preserve the right, the truth, and the nation “Under God”. In the Name above all names, Jesus, The King of kings, we pray, So be it.


“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

George Washington

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