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On November 18th I wrote, “While the ‘Main Stream’ Media has been focused on recounting and legitimating ballots, the larger, and most determinative question is…

The reliability, vulnerability, and accuracy of the “vast majority of voting machines and related software in the United States” specifically, Dominion Voting Systems

On November 19th, the Trump Legal Team, in a national press conference, led by former New Your Mayor Rudy Jiuliani, argued their Team has evidence and proof the November 3rd Election was stolen by nefarious players domestically and internationally, using electronic software, namely that of Dominion Voting Systems.

In that same November 18th Blog, I quoted the December 6, 2019 letter from the three Democrat Senators, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Ron Wyden, and Mark Pocan, Congressional Representative from Wisconsin, to the 3 private equity fund owners of the leading election technology vendors who “facilitate voting for over 90% of all eligible voters in the United States”. The letter said, in part . . .

“Election security experts have noted for years that our nation’s election systems and infrastructure are under serious threat.”

that…“Secretive and trouble plagued companies…responsible for manufacturing and maintaining voting machines have long skimped on security in favor of convenience, leaving voting systems across the country prone to security problems.”

If you truly want to see the truth about these electronic voting system manufacturers, their industry, and the security risks their products bring to our elections, please take time to click on and read the December 6, 2019 letter and the below articles. They are foundational to understand why the electronic voting system industry has failed to ensure our election safety and security. . . and why President Trump and his Team are focusing their efforts to expose their use by evil players to betray millions of Americans who Voted for 4 more years of his leadership and the restoration of America.

In a well researched October 28, 2019 Article published in ProPublica titled “The Market for Voting Machines Is Broken”, the author wrote, “The question of the nation’s election integrity has rarely been more urgent.” The reasons: Industry turf and legal battles over patents and competition for business between the three dominant companies; failed machine software; vote security issues; little government regulation and oversight; minimal research and development, insufficient training and software maintenance, and a steady stream of disgruntled and frustrated state and county election officials who have to deal with them.

The February 23, 2020 Associated Press (AP) article titled “Reliability of Pricey New Voting Machines Questioned”

CyberSecurity Experts show how Software programs steal votes

Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Comey, & Corruption


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