Your Oregon?

Your Oregon?

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”
Proverbs 29:2

Yesterday began the countdown to the Voter Registration Deadline in Oregon to marshal enough VOTERS to restore control and sanity to an out of control State Legislature that bows to every idea, whim, and leftist plan of what is proving to be an ideologically driven left wing democrat Governor with a tyrant mentality.

To Whom does Oregon Belong?

A far left Governor with a radical cohort of legislators from 3 counties in the Portland Metropolitan Area and Eugene? Or the citizens of the other 32 counties who adhere to a different set of values?

Consider the following national survey:

According to the researchers who conducted this Survey, Portland is “an urban mecca for eco-conscious free spirits.” Since this Survey was conducted in 2014, it has become much more than that. It is also a mecca for Antifa members, malcontents, anarchists, criminals, and sympathizers of Black Lives Matter, a Marxist organization that is at war with America and the Christian foundation upon which our values, and laws are based. No place in America is more evident of this war than in democrat controlled Portland.

Besides the 4% that are atheists, and 8% agnostic, 29% have no religious affiliation whatsoever. The next largest group in Portland are Evangelical Christians, but where are they?

In a 2016 Survey of Conservative (Evangelical) pastors in America by the American Culture and Faith Institute, only

  • 12% held voter registration drives; only
  • 7% had a plan to get people to the polls on election day; and only
  • 4% provided election related information on the church website.

“We Christians are not to withdraw ourselves and refuse or neglect to go to the polls and vote. We have a Christian duty and obligation to vote.”

Billy Graham, New Orleans, 1954

To Oregon Pastors

As a former pastor, and ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I find this continued neglect of pastoral duty by our Evangelical Shepherds, to teach, and lead their flocks in their fundamental citizenship duties, to be an atrocious and inexcusable disservice to both the Body of Christ, the lost, and those longing for spiritual and moral leadership in America.

Observing your silence, failure to lead, and failure to speak out “as one man” against the evils of our time as the moral and ethical conscience of America, is a terrible witness to all Oregonians, be they fellow pastors, fathers, mothers, children, business and professional leaders, law enforcement, and godly men and women who would like to serve in public office. This failure is a major reason why men are leaving the church, as are our teens, and college students, never to return.

I find it not only personally offensive but am convinced it is offensive to the LORD Who called you, if indeed He did. Unless you humble yourselves and turn from this wicked neglect as you are called to do in II Chronicles 7, He will not respond to your prayers, nor heed your cries to show up in your services. Without your resounding and fearless witness to truth, including responsible citizenship, He will not heal our state or nation. Be the moral conscience and shepherds you are called to be!

I challenge you in the little time that remains before the most important election in both America and Oregon, to hold 3 Voter Registration Sundays, starting September 27th, and call your member’s attention to the importance of returning our Legislature to the people, and the wisdom of our Founders.

You can find and download a detailed Guide To Hold Voter Registration in Churches on the Restore America website homepage.

Born and raised in Oregon, and after more than 30 years of patiently and respectfully appealing to you to teach your members they have a “salt” and “light” responsibility from our LORD’s charge in Matthew 5, I adjure you, for the sake of all Oregonians, present and future, CALL your congregation to exercise their fundamental citizenship witness and responsibility to

Register to Vote . . . and Vote!

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

George Washington


Restore America

A legislature
must not obstruct our obedience

to Him from whose punishment they cannot protect us. All human laws which contradict His laws we are in conscience bound to disobey.

George Mason, Delegate from Virginia to the Constitutional Convention, and
“Father of the Bill of Rights”

Looking Ahead

We will post on our website where to get Voter Guides, What Churches May and May Not Do; How to conduct a well run Candidate Forum; and a Guide to Conduct Non Partisan Church Voter Registration Drives, and how to conduct a Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign, all of which are entirely legal and encouraged under state law.

You can reach me at 931-250-2102 or

with any questions.

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