Stop Catering To The Lunatic Left

Stop Catering To The Lunatic Left!

“We Christians are not to withdraw ourselves and refuse or neglect to go to the polls and vote. We have a Christian duty and obligation to vote.”

Billy Graham, New Orleans, 1954

Sunday, I quoted Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives who said we are in a pitched battle with the “sickly pastel pink leftist fringe” in America. As Gingrich correctly said, “They seek to destroy “just about everything we hold dear and true.”

The question is… “Why do we let them?”

We have been sold a bill of goods, and meekly “marched obediently to the back of the bus, slumped quietly into our seats, and succumbed to their incessant rants.”

Enough is enough! It is time to state the truth clearly and without fear from the pulpits, pews, public gatherings, Christian Conferences, radio and television, social media, internet, corporate board rooms, and office water fountains of every business in the nation.

We must no longer stand on the wayside meekly protesting government intrusion into our churches, homes, privacy, and communication; and being told we must hold “non-partisan” voter registration in our churches. Why?

The democrat party has gone completely off the rails, embracing every pied piper idea they can imagine that will destroy America. Here are just a few:

Eliminating the electoral college

Electing the President by popular vote

Defunding and “re-imagining” law enforcement

Re-packing the Supreme Court

Free healthcare for all

Medicare for all

Free college


Open borders; followed by free healthcare, free education, social services for illegal aliens

Top down control of all local government, private property, and development through the Obama-Biden expansion of the Affordable Fair Housing Act

Complete National Implementation of The Green New Deal to prevent Global Warming and the end of the world in 10 years if we don’t

All with an eye to “spread the wealth” and further the democrat, (Left) agenda to destroy (they say “transform” America) into a godless, socialist/communist top down tyranny without the Voice of Christians and God Himself to object or stop them.

No more tying our hands and shutting down our pulpits as ministers of truth to the Body of Christ as the army of the Living God!

It is time for our pulpits to once again be “aflame with righteousness”, speaking truth to those in the pews and political office, academia, and ‘entertainment’ about our objection to what is happening in America at the hand of the democrats.

It is time, past time to clearly state the differences between the Parties, promote and hold Republican voter registration and educate the pews in their civic and Constitutional duties lest we become “unwitting and compliant participants in the de-Christianizing of America by our failure to show up at the ballot box.”

With 16 million born again believers not voting, and our Republic on the line in the November 3rd Election, believers should be carrying voter registration cards with them wherever they go, church, job, shopping, and using every electronic means available to them to encourage and call their brethren to ACTION.

(And to as many as you can in 5 minutes)

Be the “Salt” and “Light” our LORD called us to be. a ‘Beacon’ of “Light!”

Matthew 5:13-16

Compare The Democrat And Republican Platforms

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

George Washington


Restore America

Looking Ahead

We will post on our website where to get Voter Guides, What Churches May and May Not Do; How to conduct a well run Candidate Forum; and a Guide to Conduct Non Partisan Church Voter Registration Drives, and how to conduct a Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign, all of which are entirely legal and encouraged under state law.

You can reach me at 931-250-2102 or

with any questions.

Please let me know if you are willing and able to help.

Thank you.

David Crowe, President and CEO

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”
Proverbs 29:2

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