Riots, Rhetoric, And Reality – Part Four

Part Three: The Power Of Unchallenged Lies

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

John 8:32

This is the Fourth in what began as a Three Part Series on the lawlessness, violence, and destruction that is continuing after the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police Officer on May 25th.

If the roots of this societal tragedy are not exposed it will mark a certain milestone in the collapse of America.

In Part One, the Cost to individuals, black and white families, businesses, and taxpayers, was addressed.

In Part Two, data and facts were presented proving Black Lives Matter, the main provocateur of the riots and lawlessness, built their charges of “Police Brutality,” and “Systemic Racism,” on a false and indefensible premise that blacks were being “systematically and intentionally targeted for demise” by “White Supremacists.”

Part Three, proved why Black Lives Matter and the left wing News Media should not be listened to, accommodated, or trusted. Their Agenda must be exposed, confronted, and rejected outright.

Series Part Four

The three California black activist Founders had no intention of hearing or considering the facts. Ignorantly following the example of the Ku Klux Klan of the past which they abhor, they decided the officer in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of Mike Brown, was guilty before they went to Ferguson; before the FBI investigation; before the Grand Jury; and before the testimony of blacks at the scene when Brown was shot corroborated the officer’s testimony.

Their minds were made up. Darren Wilson was guilty of murder, period! The narratives of their writing then, and since, as well as their currrent spokespersons, demonstrate this same mindset about police shooting of any black person. This is the result of Founder Patrice Khan Cullors’ own words, “Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise.

As for the Left wing “main stream” media, CNN, NBC, and MSNBC “Why do they perpetuate Black Lives Matter propaganda?”

The facts don’t matter to them either. Anything that advances their leftist agenda to remake America, according to their anti Christian, anti Constitution, humanist agenda, and has the potential to destroy the Trump Administration, becomes, like Black Lives Matter, their daily focus. Even I can do simple research on BLM! So why have they not? Or have they? It is my belief that even if they have, they don’t care about the truth. Their goals are the same.

It is also valid to ask, “Why are the democrat Governors, Mayors, City officials and police capitulating to their demands?” Their goals are the same as BLM and Media co-conspirators.

The Minneapolis City Council voted to ‘dismantle’ the police department and abandoned the police precinct allowing the rioters and looters to destroy it.

The Seattle Mayor with the support of the Governor of Washington, allowed the rioters to block off a six square block of downtown Seattle for the rioters and extremists to control and disallowed the police to enter.

The Black Democrat Mayor of Washington D.C. allowed BLM to paint “Black Lives Matter” in curb-to-curb yellow letters on a street very near the White House, a virtual slap in the face of the President of the United States. Who is paying for this? The taxpayers? Who?

Mayor De Blazio of New York City has followed suit to allow BLM to do the same in front of the Trump Towers. Same questions.

On June 6th the NYC district attorney announced he won’t prosecute low level protest offenses. That was followed by the Police Department, under pressure from BLM, abolishing their 600 man plain clothes division.

Early in the melee in NYC the NYPD Commissioner held a press conference and apologized to the protesters rather than calling them out to respect the laws.

In Fort Worth, Texas, after dozens were arrested, Police Chief Ed Krauss announced all charges would be dropped and in a press conference stated that the real criminals were police officers.

Bernard Kerik, former NYC Police Commissioner said, “Police Chiefs Are Cowards.” We have learned later that Elected Officials in the democrat controlled cities have told the Police to “stand down.”

Joe Biden’s staff are raising dollars to pay ‘bail’ money for those arrested in the late night rioting and looting.

The recent NYC decision not to require bail when people are arrested for ‘minor’ crimes allows those arrested by the city to go immediately back to the streets.

What Black Lives Matter want:

Statements and Goals from their website:

1. Political intervention when “rampant and deliberate violence is inflicted on blacks by the state”
2. Support for gender identity, and gender expression
3. Dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift transgenderism
4. Dismantle ‘patriarchal’ practices
5. Foster a queer-affirming network
6. Embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace

Positions Black Lives Matter have endorsed:

1. Repeal of all immigration laws
2. The legalization of sex work (prostitution)
3. The destruction of the nuclear family
4. The forced re-allocation of farmland
5. Race based “reparations” in the form of a guaranteed minimum income for all black people; not just the descendants of American slaves but millions of African and Caribbean immigrants who on average now earn more than native born Americans
6. A guaranteed income paid for by American tax payers
7. The Eradication of “White Supremacy”.
8. Doing away with prisons and defunding police

On June 23rd,

Tucker Carlson on Fox News, said that Shaun King, one of the key leaders of Black Lives Matter…

“called for the desecration of churches” the day before. Strange… for a former ‘pastor’ of a liberal church in Atlanta which he founded, and after two years, left.

The St. Johns Episcopal Church near the White House was spray painted that very next night with the letters BHAZ, which stands for “Black House Autonomous Zone,” in an effort to duplicate the Seattle protest model and mock the “White” House. Rioters, possibly members of BLM, are suspected of setting fire to the Church late at night several nights before. What do you think?

On their website, BLM states, one of their goals is to “embody and practice justice, liberation, and peace.” Their actions from their beginning and to this day, clearly belie their untruthfulness, misleading propaganda, and hypocrisy.

Other BLM leaders are saying, “Abolish All Prisons,” “Abolish and Defund the Police.” Absolutely nothing will be peaceful, liberating, or just, if Mayors, City Councils or State and Federal Agencies capitulate to any of these foolish and misguided ideas. They are ideas of extremists, disaffected free thinkers, lawless sycophants and psychologically troubled.

Their key leaders and spokesman are:

Shaun King, 41, from Kentucky, former teacher, pastor, civil rights activist, writer, promoter of ‘social justice’ causes, and Co-Founder of Real Justice PAC. (Read his long and questionable journey.)

DeRay McKesson, 35, Civil Rights activist, former school administrator, podcaster, homosexual and writer.

Johnetta Elzie, 31, Southeast Missouri State University, activist and community organizer,

Kareem Jackson better known as Tef Poe, rapper and hip hop musician from St. Louis, Missouri, one of the Co- Founders of the
“Hands up” United Movement which commenced after the Ferguson rally.

Their Funding:

Here is what happens when Corporate Boards, and their executives fear being labeled by BLM and the Left as ‘racists’ bigots, haters, or “White Supremacists:

Tucker Carlson on June 4th stated that:

1. Cisco gave 5 million
2. Intel gave 1 million
3. Pepsi gave 1 million
4. and Dropbox also gave

And that is just the beginning of the list. The longer the marches, protests, violence, and the media puff their demands, and law and order is not restored, the more Corporations will succumb to the love of money, the root of all evil.

This is what happens when a lie is propagated widely, is made popular by the Media talking heads and Hollywood. It becomes believed, and then accepted by educators, politicians and last, by the skeptical public. Pressure builds on business, educators, and politicians, and the less informed who do not think through the consequences but feel the pressure to accept the idea.

The proposition that blacks were “systematically and intentionally targeted for demise,” and that “Police Brutality” is a result of “Systemic Racism,” is simply not supported by facts. If you build a foundation on sand, it will not stand without constant efforts by the builder to preserve it.

This is the mentality and origin of the Black Lives Matter Movement and remains so today in every city in which protests have occurred, followed by rioting, violence, destruction of businesses, police cars, and precincts, and the murder of innocent people, including police officers.

The Black Lives Matter propaganda strategy and campaign is, and has been, a calculated ruse led by a small group of black activists from California to motivate deceived and economically disaffected young blacks and uninformed young whites to join their movement to intimidate, and pressure government officials by justifying protests, rioting, looting, and violence to get what they want when there is no basis or justification.


P.S. Please pass this Four Part Series on to friends, associates, pastors, church and denominational Boards, and local officials. In the mean time, watch Tucker Carlson’s nightly program on FoxNews in the days ahead. The reason? He is one of a very few who are telling the truth about what is going on in the nation and why we should be concerned and actively involved to stop it.

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

George Washington


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