Rhetoric And Reality – Part Two

Part Two: The Trouble With Facts

This is the Second of a Three Part Series on the recent Riots, violence, and lawlessness that occurred after the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police Officer on May 25th. It addresses the question, “Why the lack of commitment to law and order in confronting the rioters by our public officials and law enforcement?”

The Rhetoric

The continual rant of left wing media pundits on CNN, NBC, and MSNBC and rabble rousers like Al Sharpton along with Black Lives Matter and numerous other black, and white, activists is that white police target blacks,
claiming police killings of blacks amounts to “Genocide,” and attribute this to “White Supremacy” and “White Racisim“.

They claim law enforcement, i.e. police, are engaged in “Systemic Racism.” When anyone challenges these assertions they are met with vehement and intolerant rebuffs even though The facts prove they are wrong!

The Reality

These ad nauseam ad infinitum assertions by Black Lives Matter, CNN, NBC, and MSNBC are totally false, and fabricated without evidence. Their repetition of such assertions are so prolific they join the same category of Adam Schiff’s claims that he had the facts on his side to prove Trump was colluding with the Russians. All proved false! Here is the proof:

The Washington Post reported 1004 killings by police in 2019.

Of the 802 shootings in which the race of the officer and suspect was noted, 371 of those killed were white, and 236 were black. The vast majority were armed. Overall, there were precisely 10 cases in the U.S. in which unarmed blacks were fatally shot by police. In 5 of the 10 cases, the police officer was under attack. In 2 of the 10 cases the officer was fully charged, a very small number in a nation of 330 million!

Black shootings are not systemic as the left wing news media “talking heads” and “news guests” claim, nor are they a result of ‘white racism’ or ‘white supremacy’!

According to FBI data, 48 police officers were murdered in 2019. More than all unarmed men of all races.

2018 was the safest year for unarmed men since the Washington Post began tracking these shootings. Safest for both black and white men.

These are the FACTS!

So why do the major news outlets keep on repeating these falsehoods?

As Tucker Carlson said, “News organization have an obligation to inform the viewers, but they don’t! Why?! Their sacred duty is to tell the truth about what is happening…NOW! CNN, NBC, MSNBC are instead churning out propaganda!”

In Part Three of Rhetoric and Reality, I will address this question. And again, the answer, if not wisely and strongly addressed by our elected leaders and law enforcement in the next 4 months, the voters will address it on November 3rd.


Please pass this Three Part Series along to friends, associates, pastors and local officials. In the mean time, watch Tucker Carlson’s nightly program on FoxNews in the days ahead.

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