Oregon’s Lunatic Fringe

The ‘Lunatic Fringe’ has been a favorite label used by the left to describe those who strongly disagree with their reasoning and agenda. But lo and behold, that description now best describes democrats!

Consider the lunacy of their candidates for President, a daily charade of nonsensical ideas to gain attention to themselves.

Oregon has their own ‘lunatic fringe.’ It is called the Oregon Legislature!

Dominated by radical democrats from Portland and Eugene in both houses and a like minded Governor, they are full steam ahead to impede the rights of Oregon’s citizens to protest or challenge their decisions.

According to Dennis Tuuri, long time Oregon legislative watchdog. . .

“The Oregon Senate is now fast-tracking SB 761. It would eliminate so-called “e-sheets.” These are initiative or referral petitions that can be filled out by a single voter and then sent in. It has been in use for ten years and has a much higher rate of authentication than multi-signer petition sheets. It is particularly helpful for the elderly.”

Read the entire article here

Oregon’s democrat legislators are determined to remove every possible obstacle to their radical leftist agenda in Oregon. SB 761 is just another example of unmitigated disdain for the voters of Oregon. It is time to say. . . STOP!

Call the Oregon Capitol Switchboard ‘Hotline’, 1-800-332-2313, and ask for your state senator. Leave him/her a polite but strong statement of opposition to SB 761.

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