Coming… Unprecedented Catastrophe

The Looming, Unprecedented Catastrophe

Christians must ACT!

“Freedom is one election away from being destroyed, unless Americans wake up and take a stand.”

Trevor Loudon

Restore America Board Member Allan Erickson recently interviewed Trevor Loudon, bestselling author of two books, and a filmmaker with several documentaries to his credit. Loudon, an authority on threats to America, has made more than 400 in-person presentations to conservative groups across the United States, and has been interviewed on radio and television innumerable times.

His central message:

“Western civilization depends upon traditional American Judeo-Christian values and institutions, and, America is one election away from utter ruin at the hands of communists, socialists, and Islamic supremacists.”

In that interview, Loudon stated that…

“Politics is downstream from culture. But I think you have to take that a step further and say that culture is downstream from religion. Religion shapes the culture which shapes the politics.” Loudon goes on to say, “if you were an enemy of America and you wanted to destroy this Republic… you would want to get inside the churches.”

After showing how that is being done, Loudon states, “We are on the verge of tyranny and a world disaster that will make Hitler look like a Pollyanna, the worst destruction we’ve ever seen, and the only thing that can stop it is American Christians.”

Read the full interview here.

“The Left is a scientifically organized machine focused on putting a dictatorship in place. Freedom is one election away from being destroyed, unless Americans wake up and take a stand.”

Trevor Loudon

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