Democrats, Trump, And The Wall

Stalemate, ‘Swamp’ Politics, or Protecting The National Interest?

Which is it? Nancy Pelosi wants to be speaker of the House, but fears if she does not placate the newly elected radical left wing of the democrat controlled House who want open borders, sanctuary cities and states, the dismantling of ICE, and the Electoral College… she won’t be.

Instead of staying in Washington to give Trump and the American people another political victory, one for which he campaigned, and the voters approved, she has gone on vacation to a plush resort in Hawaii.

Trump on the other hand cancelled both his plans for Christmas and New Years to remain in Washington in an effort to extract even a paltry token from the obstructionist democrats, Schumer included, to continue building the Wall on the Southern Border.

While Barach Obama and John Kerry managed to find and deliver 150 billion dollars… in cash, suruptitiously, to Iran, our arch enemy in the war on terror, to presumably forestall the inevitable development of a nuclear weapon… Neither Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Shumer, can find even 1 billion to protect our Southern Border from cartel drug smugglers, human traffickers, and illegal aliens, many of which are criminals and terrorists.

Pelosi and Schumer stood by and said nothing when Obama gave away 150 billion, but go before the media at every opportunity to scourge the President with a political cat-a-nine tails over his determination to protect Americans and America.

President Trump, unlike Obama – who could do nothing wrong in the eyes of democrats – is taking a personal political gamble to keep America safe from drug and human traffickers, criminals, terrorists, and the high cost of services to illegals entering the nation unlawfully.

This is pure self serving democrat politics, and only the beginning of what we will see when the Pelosi led democrats take over the House of Representatives next week.

Oregon has it’s own “Swamp” and cabal

What is happening amongst the radically altered political cabal in Washington D.C. and California, has already happened in Oregon. All three branches of state government are controlled by the same radical democrat mindset, a mindset that wishes to implement their values and views upon all Oregonians…by law!

The question is…how now should Christians in Oregon, Washington, California, and in every other state in the nation, respond.

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

George Washington

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