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10 days to change Oregon
October 7th, 2018


“The right use or exercise of knowledge; the choice of laudable ends, and of the best means of accomplishing them, in act, effect, or practice.”

1828 American Dictionary of The English Language
Noah Webster

Wisdom is revealed by the God of the Bible.

It is taught (or should be) by called out men of God in the ekklesia (church).

It is conveyed… and implemented in the home by parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts.

It is reinforced (or should be) in our schools and civil government.

If embraced at all levels starting with church leadership, marriage, family, and education, it can be worked out in life to the happiness and fruitfulness of every God ordained institution, including civil government.

If avoided, rejected, or not taught at each level, the lack of wisdom becomes endemically installed in our lives, families, culture, and government. Ignorance, misdirected goals and aspirations, disillusionment, demoralization, and folly on all fronts ensues as night follows day. The breakdown of a civil society and a nation is the natural result.

We are in the midst of that breakdown now!

The unreasonable incivility, hatred, and destructive attacks upon Donald Trump, his family, members of his Cabinet, and the attacks upon Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his family to achieve a political end, is illustrative.

Civil War in America

Prayer for our nation

Eternal Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, our nation is in turmoil, and your people are troubled by what we see. We come to You as LORD of all things in heaven as well as things on earth for wisdom in this troubled time. Open our eyes and ears to Your Word, written and revealed, inspired and Alive, that we may see with Your eyes, repent of our sin and love of the world, and cry out to You for our nation, our families, and the Body of Christ in America and around the world. May we each take responsibility for our own failures to honor You and those in authority. Move upon us by Your Holy Spirit. Renew in us a right spirit, that we might once again honor and exalt You in our daily lives and family, and worship You in Spirit and Truth. Remind us daily of Your death for our sin and the promise of eternal life to all who believe in You. May we return to prayer for our leaders and all who defend us, our nation, and Your eternal Word. May we daily seek Your Face and the wisdom You so generously provide as we follow You. Strengthen, protect, and provide the wisdom President Trump needs to lead and encourage our nation. Protect and preserve his family, the Kavanaugh family, and all in their respective offices of government in America. Restore us, we pray. We ask these things in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Christians Can Change Oregon

10 days remain for Oregonians to register to vote, update their registration if they have moved, changed their name, or wish to change their party. One Sunday remains for voter registration in the 2000 churches in Oregon that if conducted could change the legislature, the governor, and stop tax payer funding of abortion. Leadership to lead, commitment to ACT, voter registration cards, and determination to make a difference is our responsibility as citizens of both heaven and earth.

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“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

George Washington

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