Greg Wooldridge Appeal To Oregon Christians

16 days

Wooldridge Appeal

My fellow believers and followers of the Word of our Savior Jesus Christ, I ask you to carefully consider what I am sending to you this day. My journey with our Father is relatively new yet has so strengthened my conviction that we must seek every way to bring our Oregon closer to the life He would ask us to live in this wisp of time before we enter Eternity.

Sometimes the “political” journey involves chipping away at laws and regulations the Enemy has so cleverly wrought upon us. And unless we vote and encourage our brothers and sisters to do the same this precious opportunity to get Oregon on track will be lost. Our future and the future of our children and their children will only become dimmer. WE can make a difference in outcomes this year.

Please pay close attention to two areas on the November ballot. First, we must slow the taking of the lives of our innocent unborn. Ballot Measure 106 stops taxpayer funding of abortions. Vote YES. The reasons are obvious. This is a small but incredibly important step in pulling Oregon out of the abyss of “zero” protection for those who have no voice. Oregon stands alone in it’s total disregard for His unborn yet blessed children. We must move forward with a YES on 106.

Secondly, we must elect a Republican governor. We have but one choice: Dr Knute Buehler. This is difficult for some of us who have said we would never vote for a pro-choice candidate. Here’s the bottom line: Dr Buehler will be an advocate for us in a way that Gov Kate Brown would never be. He will hold a veto pen over an out-of-touch “progressive” legislature. Of course I know our outnumbered men and women in the legislature are fighting hard for us in their minority status. We can help them change this too with the right “down ballot” votes.

Why do I say vote for Knute? Over the course of a testing primary, I found Knute, as a doctor and as a lawmaker, to be a man of character and integrity. Knute and I do not agree on all the issues, but I don’t question Knute’s love for our state and his desire to legitimately fix the ills facing Oregon. I am supporting Knute. It is my sincere hope that we all will put so called “political-purity” aside and fight the real fight. Oregon needs leadership now more than ever and Knute Buehler is ready.

Throughout my life I have been afforded many wonderful opportunities from commanding a Naval base to leading the Navy Blue Angels but nothing compares to the opportunity to run for governor of our great state. The campaign trail is not an easy trail. Challenging and rewarding, it is unscripted and unforgiving but so worth the journey. Meeting so many wonderful believers and hearing their stories of success and hardships was both instructive and motivating.

What did I discover on the “trail”? Oregonians are convinced we can do a better job operating state government. While government waste seems to always be a topic of concern, the wasting of our young people’s future is of paramount concern. We must address Oregon’s 48th in the nation high school graduation rate and the tragedy it has caused our state. The public employee unions must change their priority from protecting the status quo to preparing our children for the future. The governor cannot continue to be complacent and beholden to one of the largest political donors in the entire state. Simply put, the cost is too high to not take action now. We cannot accept the normalization of mediocrity.

Additionally, we all understand that without dramatic changes, the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and its financial liabilities are going to bankrupt the state. The union members I spoke with are concerned about the insolvency of the retirement system and the taxpayers are concerned about the economic impact such a broken system will have on attracting new business to our state. Furthermore, we all also understand that unless the Legislature and the governor address PERS, the education budget will continue to be cannibalized. This is unacceptable to all Oregonians. This won’t happen if Kate Brown is re-elected.

Finally, with polling showing that 82 percent of Republicans believe Governor Brown has failed in her duties to lead and nearly 18 percent of Democrats having voted for someone other than Governor Brown, the governor’s ability to lead is in real question. Having listened to thousands of Oregonians from Burns to Brookings, from Pendleton to Philomath, I have learned that aside from wanting answers to one’s specific issues of concern (i.e. abortion, or taxes etc.) Oregonians are desiring strong well-rounded leadership. Leadership that leads the entire state and not one that listens solely to Portland special interests.

We have two options in November. Support the failed status quo, or step into the fray together as Christians to fight for a better Oregon. Luke writes in the Book of Acts of Paul’s imperative to believers to be involved in our governance. We must vote. We are at a tipping point. We need innovative bipartisan leadership so we can heal and fix our broken government. This is about human lives and it’s about providing opportunities for successful citizens and creating vibrant communities across our state. Join me in voting for Knute Buehler, and please, please support Ballot Measure 106 with a resounding YES!

May God continue to bless us all,
Greg Wooldridge

PS: Time is running out to register to vote, October 16 is the deadline!

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!” George Washington

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