Oregon’s Apathetic Evangelicals

Apathetic Evangelicals? Or A “Bulwark” Of Protection?
September 6, 2018

Which Will We Be?

60 Days To Change Oregon!

“If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; if thou saysest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not He that pondereth the heart consider it? and He that keepeth thy soul, doth He not knoweth it? and shall not He render to every man according to his works?”

Proverbs 24:10-12

As quoted by David Lane, one of the most Biblically literate and clear minded political thinkers of our time, Winthrop Poll director Dr. Scott Huffmon said:

“The fact that fewer than half of Evangelicals overall would describe Trump as ‘Godly’ or ‘Moral’ suggests that his strength with these groups comes not from modeling pious behavior, but from them viewing him as a bulwark against a culture that they feel is increasingly hostile to them.”

That same sentiment reflects the continued higher than normal support Donald Trump enjoys from Evangelicals nationwide.

The Key Ingredient? Leadership!

The dramatic increase in Evangelical support for Donald Trump happened shortly after the New York City Pastor’s Breakfast in August of 2016 where a thousand leading Evangelicals met with and listened to Trump’s responses to their questions. They saw him as “a bulwark” who would stand with them against a culture that has been ‘increasingly hostile to them‘ and then used their pulpit leadership influence on his behalf.

His election was due in large part to the highest turnout (81%) of Evangelicals for a Presidential Candidate in recorded election history.

The Political And Economic Result

As President, Donald Trump has essentially short circuited the radically regressive agenda of the democrat left in Washington D.C., changed the nations foreign policy on abortion, strengthened and protected our religious liberty and freedom of speech; revamped our foreign policy; saved our military; confronted Iran, ISIS, North Korea, Russia and China, and cut taxes and unnecessary regulations on business. He removed us from economically untenable treaties, and brought back American business from overseas. As a result, we are experiencing the lowest unemployment and most significant economic boom in 70 years. In his defense, he has exposed the corruption of the Clintons, the democrat party, the leadership of the CIA, the Justice Department, the media, and the Special Prosecutor’s Agenda. In probably his greatest long term contribution, he nominated two desperately needed Constitutional textualists for the Supreme Court, the second to soon be approved by the Senate and dozens more to lower federal courts.

Then. . . There Is Oregon!

Oregon has no such bold and determined leader running for the highest office in the State, for whom Evangelical leaders will rally their followers as did Bill Dallas, George Barna, and the leaders of United In Purpose. Urged on by the unthinkable prospect of Hillary Clinton as President, they had the vision, will, and determination to call for and organize the New York City Breakfast. What Evangelical and Born Again leaders and pastors in Oregon DO HAVE however, is…

A major moral, ethical, and political issue
for which, they Can and Should mobilize and Turn Out their Voters
on November 6th

The Issue?

Tax Payer Funding Of Abortion

Without citizen consent – and out of the public eye – Oregon’s state government has been paying for abortions with taxpayer dollars for years. In the 2017 legislature, led by pro-choice Governor Kate Brown, the radically secular ideologues who dominate the state legislature passed a law dramatically increasing tax payer dollars to fund even more abortions on demand, including $500,000 for the abortions of illegal aliens who live in, or come to Oregon for a free abortion.

Stopping tax payer money being used for someone’s ‘choice’ to end the life of another human being in Oregon – no matter who is elected Governor or controls the legislature – is a major moral and ethical step in the journey back to the “Eternal rules of order and right” envisioned by our Founders and placed in our hands as followers of Christ (Matthew 5:13-16, Proverbs 24:10-12).

The Problem… And The Solution

According to numerous studies Evangelical and Born Again Christians who are eligible to Vote comprise approximately 24% (787,000) of Oregon’s population. However…


Far away and enough to PASS Measure 106!

The Mid Term Voter Turnout for Oregon’s last 3 Mid Term Elections was 71% of Registered Voters.

Restore America’s GOAL is 75% of Evangelical and Born Again Eligible VOTERS in Oregon Turning in their ballots and voting for Measure 106!


Which will Oregon’s Christians be?

A “Bulwark” Of Protection” for the innocents; women who live with regret and depression; and tax payers who by conscience and conviction do not want to pay for abortion; or Apathetic Christians whose ethical and moral indifference contributes to the collapse and ‘spiritual deflation’ of America?

As David Lane recently wrote

“Unless Christians start bringing Biblical values outside of the church building into the public square, spiritual deflation and collapse is only a matter of time. America is on the verge of learning something that can be learned in no other way: “Notwithstanding all our blowing, the fire will not burn without the Lord.”[5]”

* Evangelical and Born Again Christians who are eligible to Vote comprise 24% (787,000) of Oregon’s population. Approximately 70% (using State of Oregon data), are registered to Vote (530,900). Approximately 47% turned out to vote in the 2018 Oregon Primary (244,214). Registered but DID NOT VOTE, 286,686. Eligible but not registered…and therefore, not voting, 256,100.

Total not voting: 542,786

Oregon Evangelicals: Take Action Now

Support Yes on Measure 106

Please Note: The only way to get this Call To Action throughout Oregon is for our readers and supporters to forward these emails to their pastors, friends, and associates and social media as possible. Voter registration
ends on October 16th.

“Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.”
Ephesians 4:25

Pastors… LEAD! ?Pews… FOLLOW!

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!” George Washington

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