Two Critical Months To Change Oregon

This will be difficult to read and accept, but. . . we must!

What the Oregon Primary Revealed

The Numbers Don’t Lie
August 18, 2018

On May 19th, four days after the 2018 Oregon Primary, I reported the actual State results of that election and particularly, as they relate to Evangelical and Born Again Christians who were eligible to VOTE . . . but not registered, and registered to VOTE . . . but not voting.

Please review soberly and thoughtfully to understand why it is essential that we correct this before the November 6th General Election.

Estimates and Actuals

Est. Eligible to vote for the 2018 Oregon Primary 3,058,000

Estimated Registered Voters 2,666,000

Actual Registered Voters by April 25th deadline 2,665,048

Est. Voter Turnout 39% 1,040,000

Actual Voter Turnout 33.6% 895,574

Registered Democrats as of April 25th 956,748

(Democrat Turnout in the Primary) 43.2% 413,219

Registered Republicans as of April 25th 698,241

(Republican Turnout in Primary) 46.6% 325,674


Oregon Evangelicals and Born Agains

Eligible to Vote (percent of Oregon population) 24% 787,000

Registered to Vote (using State of Oregon reports) 70% 530,900

(If the Republican Turn Out of 46.6% is used)

The approximate Evangelical and Born Again T. O. was 247,400

Registered but DID NOT VOTE 283,500

Eligible but not registered, er go, NOT VOTING 203,100

Total of our brethren Not Voting > 486,600

The Indictment Is In The Numbers!

These numbers are an indictment of an overwhelming majority of the Body of Christ in Oregon, including pastors, denominational leaders, church leadership, and professing Christians who clearly remain ignorant or indifferent to Christ’s charge in Matthew 5 to be ‘salt’ and ‘light’ citizens of heaven and earth in preserving God ordained civil government to the glory of God.

The numbers reveal an appalling apathy, unwillingness, and even refusal to fulfill their citizenship duty for the preservation of their children’s future,
the Republic, and the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ.

Unless Oregon’s Christians face up to their failure to ACT in the May Primary and personally commit themselves to change course over the next two months, the power of their collective voices in Salem will be muted, and progressively silenced, demonstrating a careless and irresponsible preference for even greater darkness for all Oregonians. May it never be!

Changing Oregon Starts NOW!

Non-partisan Voter Registration drives in Oregon churches should commence at least 3 Sundays prior to the 14th with church bulletin and web site announcements a few weeks in advance of commencing the campaign. These Sundays are an excellent opportunity for pastors to speak about our citizenship heritage and duties, calling all who attend to register and VOTE.

See the RA Voter Registration Planning Guide for churches here

You can do your part by leading the effort in your church, Bible Study, Men’s and or Women’s group, business group or Christian organization. Use your email, cell phone, social media, and most of all, your knees! Trust God and be determined to make it happen in your community, town and county!

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!” George Washington

Your financial support is needed as we work to awaken the Body of Christ in Oregon to their citizenship duties.

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