Tearing The Moral Fabric Of America

Destroying The Moral Foundation

On Friday, August 10th, Mike Huckabee reported that the Food and Drug Administration, is unlawfully buying fetal tissue from first and second-trimester aborted children. Advanced Bioscience Resources, a California non-profit that has partnered with Planned Parenthood is their supplier.

While the sale or trade of tissue from aborted fetuses for profit is illegal, the FDA rationalizes their decision by asserting–as is usual with government agencies run by liberal bureaucrats–that the end justifies the means, which amounts to creating another profit motivated industry at the expense of innocent and defenseless human beings.

ABR pays abortion clinics a “nominal fee” to “cover costs” and then charges the FDA a markup (paid for by our Federal tax dollars) for their services.

How should this affect Oregon tax payer’s decision whether to stop the State of Oregon from paying for abortion with their tax money. . . or not?

Six ways: By recognizing that…

  • 1. Acceptance further entrenches the false and unfounded notion that taking the lives of innocent human beings in the womb–created in the image and purpose of God–is acceptable, to God, and millions of Americans, when in fact it is reprehensible to both.
  • 2. Acceptance violates the conscience of millions and creates further political and cultural division that already threatens the stability and security of the nation.
  • 3. Acceptance ignores established Biblical prohibitions against such acts which will culminate in God’s judgement on Oregon, and the nation.
  • 4. Acceptance emboldens those in the Oregon Legislature and State Offices to deny the voices of those who are opposed to objectionable social and moral engineering.
  • 5. Acceptance opens the door to the imposition of a wider and more insidious humanistic and anti Christian agenda.
  • 6. Acceptance inflates misplaced ideas of authority in agenda driven politicians, bureaucrats, and media, over moral issues, leading to the suppression of free speech, and the reporting of violations of God granted rights.
  • 7. Acceptance is simply wrong–ethically, morally, and politically. When the state embraces and promotes a view that is diametrically opposed by millions of Americans on moral and Biblical grounds, it further tears the fabric of the foundational values and beliefs upon which America was built and which must be maintained for a nation of free people to survive.
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    American Renewal Project

    Seeking His Face

    Our Father and our LORD, deliver us from the deceptions and falsehoods of the Prince of the power of the air, and those who manifest his deceptions in Oregon whose desire it is to deny and destroy our voice, our trust in You, Your Son, Your Children, and Your Kingdom.

    May we not be taken in by those who serve themselves and their interests, NOT Yours.

    Open the eyes of Your Children to see and understand that the use of their tax dollars to deny the right to life of the unborn is an unconscionable abomination in Your eyes, and which we have opportunity to stop.

    May all in Oregon who object by conscience and conviction of the Spirit of God, REFUSE TO BE SILENT! May they arise in great numbers to cast their votes against this heinous practice come the November Election. We ask this in the Power of Your Holy Spirit and the Name of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ, the only hope of mankind Who said, be not afraid. All power is given unto me, and, I will be with you to the end of the Age. Amen.

    Oregon Life United

    “Is there not a cause?”

    I Samuel 17:29

    Young David when Goliath defied the ‘armies of the living God’ and was rebuked by his brother Eliab.

    “Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!” George Washington

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