Illegal Aliens Voting In Oregon?

San Francisco … And Portland?

In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, “Make us your slaves, but feed us.”

-Dosteovsky’s “Grand Inquisitor”

The previously unthinkable idea that illegal aliens should be granted a right to vote is now being foisted upon the people of San Francisco and Portland by the radical left and illegals themselves in San Francisco and Portland.

According to the above Fox News link, the Portland point person who is pushing this effort is an illegal alien from Ghana! Be assured however, that person is being encouraged by the so called ‘progressives’ in Portland who are alligned with Governor Kate Brown’s sanctuary city and state policy.

When will we learn?

The effort to allow illegal aliens to vote in San Francisco began with a school board election and a very low voter turnout in 2016 that carried by a slim margin – a tactic of the left to quietly mobilize their voters to vote on a purposely low media profiled and controversial issue where voters were poorly informed.

The Problem of Low Voter Turnout!

This is what happens when citizens disengage from their responsibility to govern through the ballot box in every election. Evangelical Christians in Oregon MUST not allow this as we prepare for the November Election! We have the VOTES to change Oregon, and CAN… if we would work together AS ONE MAN!
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