Organizing To Impact the 2018 Oregon Elections

Mobilizing Our Oregon Leaders And Readers

Make a difference in the 2018 Elections!

As I mentioned only days ago, at 75, this election year will be my last effort to Awaken, Call, and Mobilize committed Bible believing Christians in Oregon from the pulpits, pews, and 4 corners of Oregon, to honor our LORD as His salt and light Ambassadors by fulfilling their citizenship duty to VOTE. To do that…


Restore America was never meant to be a one man or small team ministry to the saints, but a movement AS ONE MAN, to restore the Christian Voice and world view to Oregon civil government from the school house to the houses of government for the glory of God and blessing of the people.

Improving Our Communication Ability

Because of the importance to all Oregonians of both the May 15th Primary and November 6th General Election, we must significantly improve our ability to communicate to you, sometimes quickly, and through you, to encourage a much greater number of your fellow believers across the state to register and VOTE.

Please Update your profile through the link at the bottom of this email as quickly as possible. Most important is the addition of your cell phone for those times when information must get to you quickly instead of hours or days later. That will be most helpful, followed by your mailing address, and interests, allowing us to do occasional important mailings. Currently, we have the addresses of our donors with whom we communicate monthly, but not the addresses of most of our readers and followers.

Thank you! This will be a very big help in awakening and reaching the Body of Christ in Oregon.

P.S. 106,000 Signatures Have been obtained for Petition One. Have you signed the petition to stop taxpayer funding of abortion in Oregon? Go here to download a petition. You must be a registered voter to sign.

P.S.S. If you have not been following my recent blogs about the upcoming Oregon Primary they are provided here for your convenience.

Overcoming The Secularization Of Oregon

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The Three Decisions

Oregon Christians – Be Believing!

In God We Must Trust


Our Goal?

472,000 Evangelical and Born Again Christians VOTING for conservative candidates for the Oregon Legislature, Governor, and local Civil Government, including School Boards. Let’s commence the restoration of Oregon together

Here is how your church and church leaders can make a difference:

Getting your church fully registered and Voting!

To see the Plan to Turnout the Christian Vote, click on this link…

The 2018 Operation Oregon Campaign

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!” George Washington

Your monthly financial support is needed as we work to Change Oregon.

To make a contribution from your cell phone
Text the word “VOTE” to 41444 to Give.

Restore America