Executing Our Citizenship Duties

At 75, this election year will be my last effort to awaken Christians in Oregon to honor our LORD as His salt and light Ambassadors by fulfilling their minimal citizenship duty in Oregon.

In 2018, that duty starts in our preparation for the May 15th Primary. That preparation requires prayer for our nation’s leaders, our state, our shepherds, and our readiness as the Body of Christ to stand for righteousness through our votes. A strong statewide CALL to our Brethren to register to vote before April 24th, and then TO VOTE – AS ONE MAN – is appropriate if those who believe in “the eternal rules of order and right” are to fulfill their obligation as citizens.

Our Founders wisely laid the future of the nation in our hands as informed citizens, both Biblically and politically.

Toward that end, please take a few minutes to review the following links:

Overcoming The Secularization Of Oregon

Where Are Oregon’s Christians?

The Three Decisions

Oregon Christians – Be Believing!

In God We Must Trust


The decision for who becomes the next Governor of Oregon and represents us in the State Legislature, is critical for all Oregonians. If you have not registered or know others who have not or may not have registered, encourage them to do so and hand them a voter registration card.

Our Goal? 472,000 Evangelical and Born Again Christians VOTING for conservative candidates for the Oregon House, Senate, and Governor.

We now have only 15 days before the voter registration deadline on April 24th and two Sundays in which to hold voter registration in our churches.

Here is how your church and church leaders can make a difference:

Getting your church fully registered and Voting!

To see what part you can play to make a difference, click on this link…

The 2018 Operation Oregon Campaign

Prayer Of Faith

LORD God of heaven and earth, the earth and all that is in it is Yours. You raise up kings and rulers and You remove them. While Your ways are inscrutable and beyond our understanding, You desire your children to live and move and have our being in rightousness that Your Name be praised and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Lead us in righteousness as we labor to honor You in all we say and do as dutiful citizens of both heaven and earth. In the Name above all names, Amen.

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!” George Washington

Your monthly financial support is needed as we work to Change Oregon.

To make a contribution from your cell phone
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