Overcoming The Secularization Of Oregon

What we all need to know before the May 15th Oregon Primary

Est. Population of Oregon by November 2018 – 4,206,000
Est. Eligible voters for the 2018 Oregon Primary – 3,058,000
Estimated Registered Voters – 2,666,000

Est. Voter Turnout 39% – 1,040,000

Registered Democrats as of Feb. 2018 – 956,000
(Democrat Turnout in Primary) 39% – 373,000
(Est. Votes to win a 2 cand. Dem. Party statewide race) 50.1% – 187,000

Registered Republicans as of Feb. 2018 – 697,000
(Republican Turnout in Primary) 39% – 271,830

(Est. Votes to win a two cand. Repub. Party statewide race) 50.1% – 136,187

In Oregon’s Primary, democrats vote for democrats and republicans vote for Republicans – two separate ballots

Oregon Evangelicals and Born Agains

Est. Eligible to Vote 24% – 787,000
Registered to Vote 80% – 630,000
Primary Turn out: expected turnout is 39% – 245,700
That means 541,000 Christians who were eligible to VOTE failed to participate in their Ambassadorial Citizenship duty, what our Founders considered a “solemn duty” in which we are
“accountable to God and our Country.”

Our Goal is to turnout 75% of our registered Voters


If Oregon Evangelicals and Born Again Christians Value Their Vote and TURN OUT in much higher numbers than usual, it will affect every state and legislative race as well as local races in every county.

If they Vote Their Values as believers in Christ, they will make their voices heard in Salem and around the State, electing more conservative Christian World View candidates to the Legislature and Executive branch, to inhibit the radical agenda afoot in Salem, if not reversing it completely.

We now have only 19 days to register unregistered believers before the voter registration deadline on April 24th.

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The 2018 Operation Oregon Campaign

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!” George Washington

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