A Great Man And A Great Loss

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”
Matthew 25:21

A great man and a great loss occurred yesterday morning, February 21, 2018.

Billy Graham, “America’s Pastor,” went to be with his Savior in heaven. He was 99 years on the earth and the greatest Evangel of God’s redemptive work in all history. He was 99 years old.

No mortal proclaimed the Good News of salvation and eternal life through the shed blood of Christ to more people than Billy Graham, reaching millions around the world with the message that only through Jesus Christ could men and women be saved from their sin and reconciled to God.

We lost a great messenger of God’s transforming love for mankind; a man who boldly and powerfully proclaimed that life, peace, purpose, and joy is found through Jesus of Nazareth. Untold millions have found his message to be true.

He proclaimed that all of the world’s problems, would not and could not be solved without Christ. That message could not have been more poignantly attested than with the stark reality of 17 children and adults being murdered in a Florida School only hours earlier.

His sadness, as shared by his son Franklin, was that America has rejected the God of our Fathers, taken Him out of our schools and public discourse, and embraced the deceptions of the God of this world instead.

Americans must be determined to return the teaching of the Bible, prayer, and our historic Judeo Christian values to our schools and children once again, without fail!

As long as radio and television narratives, political discourse, and debates continue to focus on guns, mental illness, armed guards, metal detectors and “gun free zones” as the solution to murders in our schools, rather than the need for the civilizing and redemptive truth of Scripture, nothing will change. Band aids and cosmetics are no substitute for the recognition of sin and saving message of Christ.

Millions of us know that unless this happens, more and more of our children will become increasingly disillusioned, lost, cynical, and angry. The mindset of Cain will continue, and the anti God, anti Christ, anti Christian darkness will continue in the halls of our schools, government, streets, and higher education.

God help us to choose Christian world view leaders, who, like Billy Graham, know the difference between secular and sacred, and uphold what is sacred in America. May his dedication to proclaiming the message and person of Jesus Christ be not in vain.

Upholding what is sacred

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