Illegal Immigration In Oregon

Addressing The Problem

“Where sense is wanting, everything is wanting.” –Benjamin Franklin”

Assault On The Republic

It has been said many times, and rightly, that this Republic exists only to the extent we preserve the rule of law and cultivate good citizenship.

Allowing illegal immigration, even encouraging it as the Left is wont to do, erodes the rule of law, promotes bad citizenship, and thereby assaults the Republic. How do people self-govern when they have no self-control. Illegal immigration is by definition lacking in self-control, as is the unwillingness to enforce our laws.

The Failure Of Elected Officials

The stark and simple truth of the matter is our government, both State and Federal, has not done the will of the people. It has not carried out its charter. It has not enforced the law, and its officials have ignored their oath, accommodating illegal immigration for decades, resulting now in about 12 million people living in the United States without legal status.

But there are two more dangerous dimensions to this illegality: the attack on sovereignty and the Balkanization of America (the creation of countries within a country, segments of the population hostile to one another).

Why They Must Be Replaced

The open borders crowd—personified by Governor Kate Brown in Oregon—is glad to provide sanctuary to illegals, motivated by easy voter recruitment via entitlements, to win elections. But in the lust for power and control, people like Brown don’t seem to care they put Oregonians and all Americans at grave risk forfeiting border control, security and legal immigration procedures.

Lady Liberty applauds legal immigration, welcoming people who dream of becoming Americans. She does not cheer the destruction of the rule of law, the erosion of sovereignty, mounting lawlessness, ideological factions, and attending violence.

People with common sense and good will must vote according to conscience, in view of the common welfare, and support candidates that reject sanctuary cities, open borders and illegal activity.

The voters must replace elected officials who put our lives, our children, our state, our country, and Judeo Christian values at risk… especially officials like Gov. Kate Brown, whose radicalism eclipses that of Barack Obama, and those in the legislature who support her agenda.

Our Task

Communicate the vision to Restore Oregon “Under God”, in all 36 Counties; mobilize Oregonians around common sense policies and principles that protect and preserve faith, family, and freedom; and elect legislators and a governor whose values reflect ours.

Join Us Today in laying the financial foundation for success.

Your financial gifts are needed if Oregonians are to be informed and mobilized to change the direction of state government through the 2018 elections.

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