Why Oregon Needs A Change In Salem

What Only Oregon Voters Can Accomplish

“One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that
you will be governed by your inferiors.” Plato

As usual, a state run by Democrats is upside down. Oregon is running deficits approaching $2 billion. While business leaders say they are willing to support some new taxes to help, first they insist on state government enacting real spending cuts and cost controls. Given the Democrat attitude toward cutting spending, expect impasse at this intersection.

Then there’s PERS, the Oregon Public Employee Retirement System, the stuff of legend for years.

Oregon’s radically ‘progressive’ Governor commissioned a commission to recommend recommendations for dealing with the System shortfalls. Depending on the return on investment assumptions, the fund is behind $25 to $50 billion. This means the state promised retirees payments in future amounting to a king’s ransom, but the state does not have the money.

Avoiding the obvious while focusing on costly ‘green’ fantasies should lead to a revolt at the ballot box starting in the May Primary.

While the rest of the country is seeing a return of manufacturing, lower taxes, less regulation, more employment and increasing prosperity, all with an eye on balanced environmental policy, Oregon, Brown’s petri dish for leftist causes, is chasing green unicorns, providing sanctuary for illegals, funding abortion, running deficits, blowing Al Gore’s trumpet, tilting at windmills, pushing electric cars, cap ‘n trade, and taxing bicycles.

Make ready to vote in May and November, 2018!

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