The Left’s Plan To Destroy Christianity In America

Defamation and Deceit

Former Alabama Attorney General and respected Congressman Mo Brooks, who was defeated by Roy Moore in the early Alabama Primary does not believe Roy Moore is guilty of anything as the media claims he is. As reported in Western Journalism on December 4th, Brooks, lawyer and former prosecutor, explained in a radio interview last week why he doubted the former Alabama chief justice’s accusers.

“There are only two that have asserted that Roy Moore engaged in unlawful conduct,” not nine as the media continues to report. “One of those (Beverly Young Nelson) is clearly a liar because that one forged the ‘love, Roy Moore’ part of a yearbook in order to try to, for whatever reason, get at Roy Moore and win this seat for the Democrats, and there’s a lot more to it as to why I believe that the evidence is almost incontrovertible about whether the yearbook was forged.”

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As reported by The Western Journal on November 30th,, “Nelson has refused to turn over the yearbook she alleges was signed by Moore to a neutral party for handwriting analysis and to test the date of the ink.”

Yesterday, celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred held a press conference with Beverly Young Nelson — where Nelson admitted she fabricated portions of the yearbook she claimed had Moore’s signature, prompting Rush Limbaugh to say on national radio,

“The perp has admitted she forged it.”

There is every reason to believe efforts to oust Moore are coordinated to destroy him, not because of alleged misbehavior 34 years ago, but because of what the man believes.

EVERY major news network except Fox News refused to broadcast it, not wanting you to know that…

Nelson’s boyfriend at the time says she lied . . .
Employees of the restaurant say she lied . . .
Customers of the restaurant say she lied . . .
Her step-son says she lied . . .
And now she herself admits to lying.
But the major news networks refuse to report Nelson’s admission.

Why? It doesn’t fit the ‘narrative’ and lies the Washington Post and the rest of the liberal media want us to believe about a staunchly Christian candidate for the U.S. Senate.

This should set off alarm bells across the country and in particular, the Christian Community. In fact it should awaken them to what has happened and is happening and will continue to happen in America if they remain rapturously on the sidelines in the 2018 elections.

A patriot of exemplary courage in over 30 years of public service is being crucified, not because he has been found unfit for office by way of moral failing (for if that were the standard 70% of Congress would be run out – and may yet be) but because the dominant secular culture hates his strong Christian stance in favor of the Ten Commandments, the Constitution, and his opposition to the LGBTQ agenda, including the destruction of Biblical Marriage, what is taught in our schools, and undermining our religious liberty.

The fact he is a strong conservative promoting the Founders’ vision and the Constitution, further enrages the radical regressive left who reject our Christian heritage and are engaged in a treasonous effort to destroy not only Donald Trump, but any candidate who supports a return to our Judeo Christian values.

Imagine it, in America, a man is being lynched because of his beliefs, beliefs that served as the backbone of the nation for 200 years, beliefs now ripped to shreds by elitists in our media and ivory towers who are openly committed to force their secular, anti God vision on all Americans, even if it means a kind of murder to achieve.

Move over George Washington, Josef Stalin’s in town!

Americans should stand with Roy Moore if only to stand against the forces of tyranny, immorality and collectivism that have insinuated themselves into political office and government bureaucracies throughout the nation (including Oregon), our halls of “higher” learning and corrupted media.

Democrats and anti Christian organizations have poured over 8 million dollars into candidate Doug Jones’ campaign, outspending Moore 10 to 1, most of it from out-of-state democrat and left wing organizations and individuals.

As long as Republicans cooperate with Democrats to destroy good men like Moore, the future of this country looks very grim, and if We The People stand by and watch this injustice without raising our voices in righteous indignation… and at the ballot box in 2018, we become accomplices to our own demise.

Pray that the voters in Alabama, and particularly Republican voters, on December 12th,, recognize the hypocrisy and deceipt of the left and turnout in large numbers to elect Roy Moore as their next U.S. Senator.

David Crowe and Restore America Board Member Allan Erickson collaborated in the writing of this Commentary