Preparing For The Battle Ahead

“Fifty-three percent of all Americans…despite what the Supreme Court ruled, still define marriage as the union of a man and woman.”

Wilson Allen Perkins polling, November 2016

While Evangelical Christians were a major factor at the polls November 8th in changing the nation’s direction, they would be mistaken to assume the battle for America’s traditional values and institutions is no longer in jeopardy.

The Attack On Christianity In America

Take for instance the attacks on The Benham Brothers, the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty, Barronella Stutzman, and now the attack on HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, all because their values were clearly Christian and politically incorrect.

The attack on Stutzman, the Benham Brothers and the Robertsons were prior to the election, but the latest… afterward. The left, particularly the LGBT community, and those who support them, are determined to force acceptance of their immoral “lifestyle” as “normal”, upon all Americans through the courts, the media, local, state, and federal government bureaucrats, and education establishment. Acquiescence – if not forced submission – is clearly their goal, and their biggest impediment are Christians who are duty, honor, and conscience bound to follow the God breathed and inerrant teachings of Christ and the Bible.

The Battle Just Ahead

Christians in America should not be deceived. Forced submission in matters of conscience and moral scruples is unacceptable. The real battle for traditional marriage of a man and a woman only, the well being of their offspring, parental rights, including decisions about their children’s education; religious freedom, free enterprise, and true freedom of speech – all foundational to a just and functional society – looms just ahead in America.