Who Do The Voters REALLY Trust…And Why?

Rasmussen Reports, a daily polling Organization, reported yesterday that, “A majority of voters (60%) still think Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton broke the law when she was secretary of State, but most also still don’t believe she’ll be punished for it.”

Rasmussen also reported after Comey re-opened the investigation, that, “Most voters still disagree with the FBI’s decision not to seek a criminal indictment of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information when she was secretary of State, and even more rate the issue as important to their vote.”

Rasmussen also reported regarding the Benghazi attack that, “nearly half of voters believe the then-secretary of State lied to the victims’ families about the nature of the attack.”

Charles Krauthammer, respected syndicated columnist said on Fox News on October 26th that the Clinton Campaign was a “Thoroughly Corrupt Campaign.”

Former Mayor of New York City and former Federal Prosecutor, Rudy Jiuliani, now being assailed by Clinton supporters over his FBI statements, listed all the federal statutes Hillary Clinton (publicly, and in now exposed private emails) violated under 18USCA. He vehemently asserts that Comey, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and any good prosecutor could and should have indicted her. Included were…

  • False Statements made under oath
  • Unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents and materials
  • Concealment (removal or mutilation of government records)
  • Attempt to evade or defeat a tax use of Clinton Foundation Funds for personal or political purpose
  • Attempt to interfere with administration of IRS laws
  • Conspiracy
  • Disclosure of confidential information
  • Acts affecting a personal financial interest
  • Bribery
  • EMail Fraud

Hillary Clinton is on record of publicly stating that 90% of the Clinton Foundation donations went to “programs’; however, the 2014 Tax Filing for the Foundation reveal that less than 6% went to ‘programs’. 34 million went to salaries and benefits; 7.8 million went to travel.

The Associated Press reported that 55% of those who got access to Hillary at the State Department were all donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Laura Ingraham on Fox News said Hillary’s collusion with major middle east leaders on behalf of the Clinton Foundation donors while at the State Department was “despicable.”

In a current political ad Clinton is shown on tape as saying she is the most transparent public servant there is. Her record says different. She is either delusional or a sociopath, or a liar in the view of the voting public.

In a television Campaign interview Clinton says when she and Bill left the White House they were “dead broke”. So how are they now reportedly worth $130 million dollars?

How is it possible for her to be viewed as “trustworthy”, the most “qualified”, and “fit” to be President of the United States when she and her husband fraudulently used her office as Secretary of State to raise money for their Foundation, knowingly violated federal law with an unsecured server in their basement, exposed state secrets to our enemies, ignored the plight of those willing to die for their country, and lied to the nation, all for re-election purposes? How?

Why Republics Fall

By the efforts of a profligate left wing media determined to promote her agenda, while portraying Donald Trump as “unfit” for the Presidency- betraying their calling.

Why Republics Fall

They mislead the voting public to disguise her true intentions, and theirs, and the ‘nightfall’ of oppression which is to come.

Millions of Voters are still believing what they want to believe about Hillary Clinton and what the mainstream media tells them. Too many millenials (18-39) make their political decisions based on information from their friends on Facebook and Twitter and are ignorant of her past. While Cable News reaches approximately 30% of the American public, mainstream media reaches 70%. This is why all hands are needed on deck to do all in your power in these last few days to reach as many Evangelicals and conservatives with a compelling message why they cannot be silent. Hillary Clinton is by her own words and deeds, corrupt, dishonest, and a pathological liar who cannot be trusted to lead America. If you know Christians in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maine, Wisconsin, or Michigan, forward this email to them. Post it on Facebook, make a comment, and refer to it on Twitter. Ask them to do the same. We need five million more Evangelical Voters to Vote on Tuesday. Pray. God bless you all.