Ten Reasons Why Americans Should Not Vote For Hillary Clinton

Over the last several months I have received many excellent personal emails and forwarded articles that provide ample evidence why Christians cannot – and moral Americans should not – vote for Hillary Clinton to be our next President.  The below list of reasons comes from a respected source in Texas by the name of  John Gibson:

1. “She promotes the unrestricted dismemberment of children on demand until the moment of birth.

2. She endorses taxpayer funding for abortions.

3. She admitted on Meet the Press that an unborn baby is a “person” and “child” yet believes “an unborn person doesn’t have any constitutional rights.”

4. While Donald Trump committed to appoint only pro-life Supreme Court Justices, Hillary will appoint only pro-choice individuals, possibly two or three, which would shape America for decades.

5. She is enthusiastically and financially supported by abortion providers like Planned Parenthood (1/3 million abortions yearly) and NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League).

6. Her Democratic Platform calls for overturning the 1976 Hyde Amendment-the law forbidding any taxpayer money for abortion in America and abroad.

7. Her policies force even non-profits to pay for insurance plans with abortion and contraceptives. Remember the Little Sisters of the Poor?

8. Hillary’s extreme, unfettered abortion vision continues to force the few remaining pro-life Democrats out of the Party.

9. Her Party’s convention did not grant any place for pro-life Democrats to speak while giving the platform to radical abortion providers and promoters.

10. Her greatest supporters, African-Americans, are undergoing genocide, with over 17 million black babies exterminated since 1973, reducing the black population by over 25 percent! It’s been said, “The most dangerous place for an African-American today is in the womb.”

Click here to watch a two minute video that clearly demonstrates the long term consequences of our votes.