South Carolina Evangelicals: Dancing With The Devil

On February 20, 2016 South Carolina’s Evangelical voters unwittingly cut a deal with the devil. Forgetting or tossing aside the clear teaching of the very scriptures they say are from God, and their guidelines for life and blessing, they opted for a profane, vulgar, and worldly narcissist rather than a strong, godly, and brilliant public servant as their choice to be the nation’s Chief Executive Officer.

Of the 72% in the exit polls who said they were Born Again or Evangelical Christians, 32% voted for Donald Trump while only 27% voted for Ted Cruz.

What does this say about South Carolina’s Evangelicals? Clearly, a large and future defining number are saying their trust is not truly in God for our future, nor a man whose life has been yielded to Christ, the rule of law, the protection of the innocents, biblical marriage, and our God granted rights.

Their votes said they are willing to risk America’s future by choosing to put their trust in one whose entire adult life until only recently, has been anything but aligned with Scripture; a man whose worldly and public values reflect just the opposite; a 2 Corinthian professing Christian who says he has never asked forgiveness because he doesn’t need to, yet repeatedly calls his chief opponent a liar to divert attention from his own failures and deceit.

“Making great deals” and saying on national TV that he “can change into anything he wants” should cause all Americans to shudder at the implications of such a statement, yet South Carolinian Christians are apparently willing to dance with the devil, and risk our nation’s future.

This misguided and deceived 32% should be a proverbial wake up call to all serious minded Christians in America who recognize the spirit of this world at work to destroy the nation. May they correctly discern that this election – and our choices as believers in Christ – will determine our children’s future and the future of America. May we not be as Peter, and proudly proclaim our loyalty to Christ, while failing to discern wisdom and stand strong for righteousness in the heat of the battle.